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A picture is worth a thousand words: why audiovisual sells?

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Audiovisual media are communication mechanisms aimed at the masses that transmit their messages through channels that involve both the sense of sight and hearing. They are of great importance for transmitting information, generating sales in different companies around the world and much more, always taking into account the utility that is given to them.

Nowadays, knowing how to use digital media is essential to make your brand and the image of your business grow considerably. And, in the same way, it is essential to know how to implement everything related to audiovisuals in your usual marketing strategies. Today we tell you the real importance of audiovisual content and its advantages. Don't miss it!

what is the main reason why audiovisual sells more?

The most significant reason to understand why audiovisual material is so important for companies is that the brain synthesises visual information much faster and much easier, and that information stays longer in people's subconscious, as the brain associates it in a kinesic way and stores it.

Therefore, it is not just that audiovisual content catches our attention faster, but it stays in our heads for longer and is ideal for immediate learning. Moreover, customers feel more confident about a product that they know what it looks like and have seen beforehand, which helps them in their final purchase decision.

Una imagen vale más que mil palabras: ¿por qué lo audiovisual vende?

what are the advantages of audiovisual content?

  1. visibility: Audiovisual content obviously generates greater interest among users and, therefore, more visibility and a better positioning. Moreover, as it is very easy to share, its dissemination is facilitated to the point of going viral. On the other hand, it also improves and defines the brand and the image of your company, as with a single glance, customers could recognise which company it is.
  2. engagement: Audiovisual content enhances interaction with users, as it generates reactions from the audience and therefore improves customer engagement with comments and opinions.
  3. transparency: Audiovisual content also helps to bring the brand closer and offer a transparent image. Customers can see that it is something real and this, in addition to generating empathy, creates conversion, which is essential in a business.
  4. differentiation: There isno doubt that things are getting tougher every day, no matter if you are a freelancer, a startup, an SME or a large company, competition is becoming more aggressive every day... That's why using good video marketing strategies will make you stand out.
  5. easy access: Nowadays, videos are within everyone's reach and it is not necessary to make a big investment to record them, as our mobiles are excellent cameras. There are also a multitude of free editing tools that can be used to edit videos .
  6. greater comprehension: moving images help to improve understanding, as video allows processes or concepts to be explained in a simple way that would be more complex with words.
  7. successful webinars for sales. Webinars allow the company or company to be known, humanise the brand and show the existing talent within the business. In other words, it is about creating a dynamic and attractive meeting for users.
  8. social networks: Video is one of the most consumed and popular contents on social networks, so brands are not left behind and take advantage of the impact that videos produce in their marketing strategies. The key is to produce content created and adapted for each platform, using the tools that each one offers.
  9. you measure success: With audiovisual content you can measure your success in a clear way. Unlike with other media, with online videos you have the possibility to measure the effectiveness of your campaign thanks to the multitude of statistics that all video platforms offer.
  10. it is a very shareable content. Inaddition to the ease of sharing, on platforms like YouTube you can learn about the latest trends and you can create content based on them. And thanks to the description of the videos, we can attract traffic to our website in the same way.
  11. it allows you to create series. If you have decided to create videos, the best thing to do is to create a series or several of them. In this way, you will organise the themes in your channel and you will be able to create interconnected themes so that you can be present in each of those themes where you are a specialist.

Una imagen vale más que mil palabras: ¿por qué lo audiovisual vende?

Disadvantages of audiovisual content

  • Prolonged, unlimited access to audiovisual content can lead to user isolation, visual fatigue and other physical disorders.
  • Generally, they require an additional investment of time.
  • Loss of information: Audiovisual work may be lost due to viruses or connection failures.

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