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what is audio-visual production? Discover corporate videos

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In this age of technology, audiovisual formats are increasingly triumphing over text. The fleeting nature of users and the over-information they are subjected to on a daily basis creates a huge need to consume information in the simplest possible way. Videos help to satisfy this need; this information is reaching us visually and audibly, so it does not require the same concentration as reading a text.

and what is audiovisual production?

Audiovisual production consists of creating a product specifically for a media. This has infinite options, from cinema to television, including corporate videos. This project is carried out in 3 different phases:

  • Pre-production

This is perhaps the most important phase because it is where everything is organised, from the moment the idea arises until the moment before the recording. In this phase all the documentation is organised, the scripts, the permits are requested and the problems that arise are solved. Once the technical and literary scripts are finished, the locations are chosen and the paperwork begins to obtain the scenery so that there are no problems during the recordings.

Make-up and wardrobe equipment must be hired... Create a list of the necessary props and furniture and, in short, organise everything that will be needed during the filming, both personnel and material. Everything must be very well organised, as any slightest error could delay the filming or complicate it enormously.

  • Production

It is time to put into practice everything that has been organised in the pre-production phase and start filming at once. This is where all the previously contracted equipment is brought in, i.e. the camera crew, sound crew, wardrobe, make-up, etc.

This is where the shooting plan developed in the previous phase is carried out. This phase does not end until the shooting is finished. It is usually the longest phase and the one in which the most people work together. Although there are established dates, anything can make the shooting take longer, a scene that gets complicated, a piece of furniture that breaks, etc.

  • Post-production

This is the last phase of the process and is independent of the previous two, it could even be carried out by a separate company. In this phase, the material to be used for editing and editing is selected from all the recorded material. Once the final product is chosen, it is created. Once the editing is finished and the final result is ready, it must be exported to be used as an individual element that can be sent and reproduced in any medium or application.

Discover the corporate videos.

A corporate video is an audiovisual product aimed at publicising a business, company or product. It is usually short and its content is usually entertaining, funny or visual, in order to attract potential customers.

Corporate videos are increasingly a success in digital marketing, they help to get to know a company in a simple and dynamic way, directly influencing the decisions of consumers. Whether this has been achieved or not, can be reflected after publishing the video in the number of new customers, if the traffic to the website has increased or if we have managed to position ourselves better after the video.

But then, why should I make a corporate video for my company?

There are many reasons why making a corporate video is a sure hit to promote your company, for this reason, it is already a common practice in all types of companies. Years ago this whole process was tedious because of the different media and forms of distribution of these videos, so it is a safe bet to make your corporate video in the XXI century with all its facilities.

  • Add security and confidence

With a corporate video you can reach the public in a more direct way and you can play better with emotions. This manages to humanise the image of the brand.

  • It shows the identity of the company in a clear and concise way

With these videos you can create an image of the company and you can transmit the ideals and values of the company in a very simple way.

  • At SEO level, a video helps you to position yourself more than a text

Another great advantage for organic positioning is a format that is much more attractive than text, such as video.

  • It is not only useful for promotion

A corporate video can, apart from helping you with digital marketing, be used to teach you how to use a product, or to answer frequently asked questions about something.

  • The price

Thanks to new technologies, making a corporate video is now much cheaper than years ago and has better results with better devices and media.

  • Videos are shared on a massive scale

The same video can be used and uploaded as many times as necessary anywhere, from showing it at conventions and trade fairs to uploading it to any platform such as youtube, instagram, vimeo, etc.

Apart from attracting more attention than any other medium, it captures that attention for a longer period of time, users tend to stay on the page for a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 4 minutes.

  • Easily measurable results

The results that your video is having can be measured very easily, thanks to free tools such as Google Analytics, the company can analyse the impact that your campaign has had on users and customers, and thus be able to modify its marketing strategy taking into account which points have had a greater impact on the public and which have not been well understood.

In short, in the 21st century, with all the facilities that exist to create an audiovisual product and with all the advantages that this entails, it would be completely absurd to leave your business without its corporate video, so don't wait any longer and start promoting your business in the most viral way of the moment.

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