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How to do video marketing on Twitter

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Nowadays, social networks are essential for your business to grow. You must select very well what you publish and share through them. Among all of them, Twitter is one of the most important. This social network was created on 26 March 2006 and is based in the city of San Francisco, in the State of California. What has rained since then?

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According to, it is the fourth most used social network so far this year. If we compare its data with those of 2018, it has 6 million more active users per month. This is due, among other reasons, to the improvement of tweet chains and the increase in the number of characters.

why should you make videos to grow your business?

Making the leap to video marketing on Twitter is critical to your content marketing strategy. Trey Pennington, Social Media and Marketing expert said: "The companies that understand social media are the ones that say with their message "I see you, I hear you and I care". Godfried Bogaard, social media expert, said: "In the past, you were what you had, now, you are what you share".

Creating videos for your content marketing strategy is very good, as it is one of the most shared formats on social networks. Video is a very simple way for you to interact with your audience. In addition, what you show or say through a video is easier for the user to retain in their memory. Video is attractive, generates emotions, does not require large investments or expenses and increases virality. Did you know that 78% of the content we consume on the Internet is already audiovisual content? And not only that, but 57% of consumers say that they buy a product or service after seeing a video demonstration about it.

Types of video marketing that you can include in your social media strategy

  • Presentation videos: create it to present your business. It is an innovative and attractive way to do it. Use few words, as we do not recommend that videos last more than two minutes. Be very visual so that users get to know your company well. A tip: leave the tweet posted at the top so that it is the first thing users see when they enter your profile and thus attract more customers.
  • Customer videos: their testimonials will generate trust, not only about your product or service, but also about your company. It is a good way to improve the image of your business.
  • Explanatory or educational videos: that have content that explains, educates or shows how to use your product or services. A video that helps your customers to learn how to use the product or gives them tips on how to use it.
  • Q&A (Questions and Answers) videos: Make a video in which you answer your followers' or customers' questions. This is a highly recommended way to connect with them, build trust and increase interaction. You can also create a hashtag and use it so that your customers can send in all their questions and you can then answer them.
  • Videos to answer tweets: if you don't want to do the previous ones and you want to answer the tweets sent to you due to time or other reasons, this option is also good. You can use the video instead of replying tweet by tweet. You include all your attractive, visual and personalised answers in it. Name or add a label with the name of the profile of each user who asks you and this way they will know that you are addressing them.

do you want to upload a marketing video on Twitter and don't know how to do it? We can help you!

Don't worry, it's easy. You can do it from a computer, a mobile or a tablet. When you write a tweet you have several options below: insert image, GIF or statistics. Click on the "insert image" option, even if you want to upload a video, as, apart from an image, it allows you to insert a video. Then, you only have to tweet it. Once the tweet is published, your video will be automatically played when your audience sees it. You will get more attention and more views. If you need more information, Twitter itself can help you. It has a section for all the doubts you may have: Help Centre.


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