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do you know the advantages of 360° video?

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360° sounds like a particularly big deal, doesn't it? This is the way we work, because we like to look at life from a different dimension so that nothing gets out of hand.

If we take into account that many brands have stagnated, and that many others have the itch to try something new, then our experience and the trends for 2019 tell us that we need to pay more attention to 360° video.

do you know how to do it?

Here are a few tips..

Aim as high as you can

Setting the bar too high leads us to set ourselves growth goals that, sometimes, we don't know how to scale. But aiming high is synonymous with initiative, courage and leadership, and what would life be without that?

At Occam, we are convinced that companies have made a significant shift in recent years, whether due to the need for digital transformation, the urgency to protect their data, or the demands of the market. In any case, video has become a perfect tool to meet these challenges and increase the trust and visibility of brands.

There is no more complete way to show your human side than video marketing, which is capable of conveying messages without internet users having to make too much effort to understand them, and that, dear reader, is appreciated.

Things have changed: what used to be an option is now almost an obligation for survival. A couple of years ago, no one thought of search engines as something necessary for their brand, but today it is one of the priority objectives for all brands.

Written content has not gone out of fashion, but how about complementing it with a couple of videos to leave no doubt about who you are and how you can help your potential customers?

We'll let you think about it for a few minutes, but remember that your growth can be as ambitious as you want it to be.

The opportunities of360°video

We have been taught to believe that opportunities are situations that come and go on wings that allow them to fly. That train that passes today and is never supposed to return. This is when a clear difference appears between those who aim high and those who cross their arms, cover their mouths and bet on the 'known bad'.

This is no time to stay where you are. Your potential customers are out there waiting to see what you are capable of. Those who have placed their trust in you know that you have everything they need to achieve your goals and to help them achieve theirs. That is why they chose you and not another brand.

In this context, 360° video is the most modern manifestation of the audiovisual format. Call it immersive video, spherical or with a different panoramic view, because what matters is the end result. They are capable of recording all directions at once and have been designed with your customers in mind. They are your viewers.

Its close relationship with virtual reality has brought it into a modern scenario where customers can get an in-depth understanding of what brands want to show them.

can you achieve leadership with360° video?

Today, yes, many brands are still unaware of this type of tool, despite the fact that it is growing as a trend. Achieving success is always possible if you set your mind to it, even more so if you are a brand capable of influencing, motivating, organising and implementing initiatives to achieve your goals.

Among these initiatives and actions is where 360° video comes into play, an ideal way for part of your marketing strategy. The angular spectrum allows users to see a much more complete picture, the specific characteristics of your products or services, the company's facilities, the events you are attending, etc.

There are no limits in this new dimension.

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