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what can Inbound Marketing do for your company?

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There are those who believe that every good business is built with a good strategy in mind. Then, there are those who prefer to act based on improvisation. And which group are you from? In our team we stick to the facts, and according to HubSpot's report "State of Inbound Marketing 2016", 75% of companies use Inbound Marketing strategies. If we go to the latest report, in 2017, 70% of companies that integrate this methodology have as a priority to convert more leads or sales opportunities into customers. However, in this post we do not want to focus so much on the results obtained but on what this methodology can do for companies.

If you think you are not adapting fast enough to changing consumer habits, this may be the time to take your business to the next level.

What Inbound Marketing is achieving for companies

These are the general results that are being obtained by companies that are guided by the methodology of the moment:

  • Measured strategy. All actions that are carried out through an Inbound Marketing strategy can be measured. Performing analytics of the Inbound strategy can have its advantages, and is that what is not measured can not be improved. We ask ourselves these questions: why do an Inbound Marketing analytics, what is measured in technology companies, why is it measured, why is it measured?
  • Attracting the user/potential customer with own and quality content. For this, SEO strategies, keyword research, care and permanent publication on social networks and websites are followed. The content strategy must be based on a solid plan, as it provides a unique value that is difficult to leave aside. Thanks to this, companies that implement it manage to improve their reputation as a company and as a brand.
  • Conversion tracking: This is one of the most important actions when we are in a sales process. Why do we want leads if we do not establish contact with them afterwards, or do not even follow up their process? It would not make sense. That is why it is important to follow their behaviour and determine what stage they are at in the purchasing process. Our messages should be focused on this.
  • Company growth: Inbound methodology is growing, and so are companies. According to studies by HubSpot, blogs are considered to be the most effective method for increasing the number of visits to a website. Moreover, in the interpretation that some experts have made of this report, it is stated that "92.7% of the companies interviewed improved their lead acquisition after using Inbound Marketing".
  • It is the customers who come to you. You need to offer added value to get the customer to come to you. How is this achieved? Thanks to the content we generate to educate our potential customers, provide them with solutions that they can consider among their possibilities, and offer them the product or service they need. These are two parts destined to meet, but the engine to achieve this is the implementation and coordination of different techniques that are guided by the Inbound spirit.
  • The work between sales and marketing is simplified. It is known as Smarketing, and it is nothing more than the union of the marketing and sales department. A kind of alignment that occurs to create a harmony with shared objectives, as well as a transparent communication about the process of their tasks and objectives. Together we can achieve it!
  • Increased visibility and awareness of your brand. Perhaps all companies dream of appearing in the top positions provided by Google when we do a search. Inbound Marketing plays an important role in this regard, and is that the inclusion of quality content, the commitment to SEO and keywords, among other things, are essential to achieve it.
  • Increased trust and credibility is achieved thanks to content marketing. Your company needs to be consistent, provide specific content of value to users, generate interaction on social networks, address their questions, and, ultimately, be the best answer they are looking for.
  • Increased traffic and sales opportunities. To do this, techniques and resources are used. We are not talking about just any traffic, but qualified traffic, that which becomes a powerful pillar of our organisation. Observe the behaviour of your competitors on social networks, carry out keyword studies and, above all, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.
  • Greater profitability: You can calculate it through ROI (Return on Investment). In this aspect, we try to measure the return of each and every one of the actions we have implemented in the sense of marketing, channels, etc. Do you want to know if the effort and time invested have generated the results you expected, do you want to know the points where you should improve?
  • Better customer relations: If your company is offering quality content, it is very likely that the customer will place their trust in you. They have found what they were looking for: One of the aspirations of Inbound Marketing is to build a lasting brand image and a long-term relationship with your target customers.

If you think we have left anything out, don't hesitate to contact us.

who can help us to achieve these benefits?

A few months ago I came across a publication that said "91% of companies use and bet on Content Marketing", and I wondered how do they do it? A typical question that may immediately arise is "Do I do it myself or do I look for an agency? It is not easy to find the answer.

There is no doubt about the experience projected by professionals specialised in Inbound Marketing, which is why agencies are increasingly becoming a real and effective alternative for those seeking to implement the Inbound methodology in their brand. Some companies don't even have enough staff to manage their own strategy.

We have told you about the role played by Inbound Marketing agencies, but we have not yet told you what the differences are between a strategy managed by the companies themselves and a strategy in the hands of an agency. We will soon give you some tips, as well as indications on how to evaluate this decision.

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