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How to leverage WhatsApp Business for your business

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WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging platform where companies can have a very close communication with their customers. Today we tell you how to take advantage of this network, how to carry out a good strategy, how to create a catalogue and how to configure in the most appropriate way the instant messaging and the three types of messages that are available. Stay tuned, you can't miss it!

The best tactics to take advantage of WhatsApp Business

  1. Make the most of your statuses. This is the best way to stay in your customer's mind. On WhatsApp they will have the contact, but it will not always be visible to them, unless they are looking for it, so it is important that you take advantage of statuses, as it is a way to tell your customers: "Hi, remember I'm here". The best thing is that statuses are not invasive. That is, your customers can decide whether to see them or not. However, do not overdo it with the amount, or you may run the risk that your customers do not want to see them.
  2. Create a mailing list. When you have important information to share, don't send one at a time, or just post on your status, send messages directly to people who might be interested. Here you can send announcements, special discounts, news, relevant information, whatever you want to share, even the arrival of a new product or service. Make sure you always ask before adding users to your list. They must confirm that they approve of receiving messages from your business. And don't abuse this, it is not necessary to send a daily message, they might ask you to remove them from this list. I recommend, at most, 3 messages a week and that they are really valuable.
  3. Add a catalogue and take advantage of it. A catalogue is that virtual showcase that you can create in your shop so that potential customers are aware of everything you offer as a business. When they enter your profile they can easily see it, as well as you can share it with customers who request it or have questions. You save time and provide better service to your customers. And remember: put the price of your products or services and make sure that users do not think that what you sell is too expensive because you do not show it publicly.

Cómo aprovechar Whatsapp Business para tu negocio

how to create your catalogue on WhatsApp Business?

A catalogue on the platform is a great help. Users can go in and see not only the products you sell, but you can also add all the relevant information: a description, price, name, what it works for and all the details that you consider to be of great relevance to the customer. When we have complete information about the products at hand, making a decision becomes easier. Here we show you how to create your catalogue.

  1. open WhatsApp Business and go to settings.
  2. select "Catalogue" and then "Add product or service".
  3. the first thing you can do is add an image, either from your gallery or take a photo directly on the spot, then add a name and description.
  4. then add a name and description, and you can also add a price, a link and a code to track the items in your inventory. This will be very useful for your users.
  5. save and ready, you will see in your catalogue (it will appear in your profile), the products you add. With this same procedure you can add the products or services you want.

how to configure instant messaging?

Instant messaging, automated messages and immediate responses are essential in a business and even more so if the platform itself allows us to add them and make good use of them. We have 3 types of messages that we can configure in our WhatsApp Business account.

  1. Absence message: It is important to define a customer service schedule, we can not be 24 hours answering messages, but we can not ignore the customer who needs help or an answer. Absence messages allow us to give a response to the customer, indicating that at that time we can not attend, but in our working hours we will gladly answer all your questions, doubts or comments.
  2. Welcome message: "Welcome to my business!" This message can be the start of a relationship and make the recipient feel part of the brand, without even having bought before. Be very friendly, informative and responsive.
  3. Quick messages: These are very helpful, especially when you receive many times the same question: prices, payment methods, delivery service, etc. With this option you can write down those questions and therefore, the answers you want to share with the user.

    Cómo aprovechar WhatsApp Business para tu negocio
    We hope you will put the tactics we have provided you with today to get the most out of WhatsApp Business into practice as soon as possible and that you have enjoyed reading our article. Also, remember to configure the three types of messages that will facilitate the whole process in the app. Thank you!

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