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what elements should I take into account for mobile marketing?

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Someone once said: "Renew or die". Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

That is why companies must be up to date, know how to keep up to date and adapt our business strategies to the habits of consumers: one of the most popular habits among users today is the use of electronic devices (mobile, computer) to consult all kinds of information.

In fact, the mobile phone is already the device most used in Spain to connect to the internet by 98% of Spaniards, according to a study carried out in 2020, even more than the computer. Therefore, adapting our marketing strategies to the devices most used by users (the mobile phone in this case) will help us to connect more with them and create a bond of closeness.

would you like to know how you can do it? Are you one of those who are thinking about creating mobile marketing for your inbound marketing strategy? Then, this post will interest you.

what is mobile marketing?

In order to create this type of content, it is necessary to know the new trends, how our buyer personas use mobile phones and through which platforms in order to be able to guide us in a much more interactive process than the one we started with at the beginning.

Therefore, to talk about mobile marketing is to talk about developing a large part of our marketing strategy through something that all users have at their fingertips: a mobile phone.

In addition to this, the vast majority of users want to spend their time on social networks. Social networks are a platform that will help us a lot when it comes to understanding user behaviour on the internet or through which platforms they communicate more, which ones they spend more time on, etc.

Mobile applications, as we have already mentioned in some other post, are a great ally to develop our digital marketing strategy, but we must know how to use them and position ourselves correctly in each of them. Depending on the target audience we want to address, it will be convenient to develop our mobile marketing campaigns on some platforms or others.

The development of our strategy must be based on fulfilling a series of requirements so that our users feel truly connected with us and understand the value of our brand.

The different types of mobile marketing campaigns that we can develop will also depend on the type of action we want to develop in the networks and how we want to position ourselves, as this is how users will see us.

Mobile marketing campaigns

The boom in the use of mobile phones has been growing in recent times, especially in the last year, where the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 crisis has caused a confinement that has kept us at home. During this time, users have used their mobile phones for more than 11 hours a day and it has overtaken the computer as the most used device for online shopping, according to a Nielsen study.

Now that we know that users consult the majority of information on the internet using their mobile phones, it is important to adapt our options to reach them on their smartphones.

To do this, we can carry out different campaigns:

  • Vertical video marketing: We already know that video marketing is a widely used audiovisual resource in marketing campaigns. However, vertical video marketing has rarely been mentioned. It is a new trend that is still being little explored but is very attractive to consumers. It consists of making marketing videos so that they can be viewed vertically, without having to put the mobile phone horizontally, which is less practical. This makes the user find our page much more "usable".

  • mobile applications: The creation of mobile applications about our brand where the user can find the same as on our website, but adapted to their mobile is also very attractive. In addition, once they have downloaded it, they will not have to surf the net to find us, which will speed up the purchasing process, for example.
  • Mobile Email Marketing: 45% of emails received in Spain are opened from a mobile device. This is a lot, right? That is why it is important to know how to adapt the images or resources that are attached so that they can be seen clearly from our mobile device. 85% of the elements that are attached to emails cannot be viewed from the mobile as they are only adapted to be opened from a computer.

  • Social networks: Having a presence on social networks is a fundamental part of our campaign. Although these can also be consulted from the computer, all users do so more frequently from their mobile device. Therefore, when a user wants to look for information about our brand, being able to find us on social networks and contact us will be especially useful.
  • Advertising: Designing advertising about our products or services that users can find on social networks, YouTube videos, etc. It will also give us more visibility as recent studies are beginning to show that users are increasingly buying products suggested on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

how important is mobile marketing for our brand?

I suppose you are wondering if it is really worth investing time and resources in developing a mobile marketing campaign when you don't know to what extent your audience will be able to enjoy it, so we are going to compile a series of data that demonstrate the relevance of such a marketing campaign and you will be able to find out:

  • 22 million people between the ages of 16 and 65 use a mobile phone to consult information about products or services.
  • Mobile phones are used between 2 and 4 hours a day on average.

  • 34% of users use their mobile phones at the same time as other devices such as television.

  • 41% of the population frequently shop online using their mobile phone instead of their computer.

  • One in three users believe that e-mails are not adapted to mobile phones and this means that 31% of users will not open it on another device because they cannot see it on their mobile phone.

All these data, compiled from the IAB Spain report on Mobile Marketing, shed a lot of light on this new marketing trend that is becoming so relevant nowadays. Moreover, it will be very useful in our Inbound Marketing strategy, as the closer we are to our buyer persona, the more likely it is that they will become a customer for our brand. And isn't this the objective of all commercial action?

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