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Advantages of having a mobile application in my business

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are you one of those who have already embraced the use of mobile apps in business, or are you still on the surface of innovation? If so, perhaps this is a good time to dive in.

Maybe you haven't yet found a compelling reason to go for these tools directly, but you know what? Whether it's to find the perfect companion to a marketing campaign, to improve organisation, or to lay the foundations for communication relationships, mobile applications have found an important niche over the last decade to continue growing and improving. Many of them have become aware of their importance for the smooth running of their business.

There is no doubt about the number of advantages they have found along the way. Today we want to share them with you.

Improving the customer experience

Although this concept finds part of its justification in attracting potential customers, we are not talking exclusively about this. To understand what it is about, we must go further. All companies, regardless of their size, generate an experience for their customers when interacting with them. It is the focus of attention of many brands and comprises the set of experiences that a customer has with them during the time that a relationship exists.

Applications have contributed to its improvement thanks to the facilities they offer to obtain information about companies' products or services, communicate with them, resolve their doubts, make purchases, etc. As a result, many companies have increased customer retention and average ticket, generated new leads, etc. Without a doubt, this is a real competitive advantage.

Strengthening the brand

Another of the advantages offered by mobile applications is that of strengthening the brand. How do they achieve this? Thanks to the visibility they have and the fact that they stand out from the competition. Users can interact with you in a way that is practically impossible to achieve through other channels. So much so, that mobile applications for companies are in the ranking of the first most effective techniques for strengthening brands.

Increased visibility

We have already given you a clue in the previous paragraph. One of the main objectives of companies today is to increase their visibility. Without a doubt, mobile applications and social networks have become the most suitable channels to achieve this goal. And we are not only talking about large companies, for which, in 2011, 91% of them already had mobile applications, according to the Distimo study, but we are also referring to medium-sized companies. The figures continue to grow. Where do you think they are heading?

Another sales channel

Some even talk about mobile applications as the best sales channel in the digital world. Did you know that mobile devices are the most used device to connect to the internet? Why don't we take advantage of this phenomenon? Apps allow us to increase transactions and their functions allow for better retention and the opportunity to build customer loyalty .

In short

The use of mobile applications in companies has come hand in hand with technological advances and has allowed them to respond successfully to market demands. Therefore, sales channels, visibility, customer experience and strengthening the brand are just some of the great advantages that companies are experiencing in their use. We speak of mobile applications as another tool, an increasingly present and necessary companion to respond effectively, to show our products and services, to improve, to take responsibility and, above all, to grow.

will you join us?

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