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what are the advantages of Instagram?

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Before getting to know its advantages, it is important to know what Instagram is and what it is used for. Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the world, and is a mobile application that allows users to upload photos and videos that can be personalised with filters, frames, colours, etc.

Instagram was developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom, a university classmate of Mark Zuckerberg (creator and founder of Facebook). At first Instagram was a photography tool tailored to the iPhone 4 camera. Years later, in 2011, the now well-known hashtags were added so that users could find images of the same theme. In 2012, the version open to the public for Android was launched and, in less than 24 hours, it had more than a million downloads.

Zuckerberg couldn't wait any longer and that same year bought Instagram for a billion USD. Throughout the history of this social network, features such as Instagram Direct and the possibility of tagging people and brands in any of the photos published have been included.

what is Instagram for?

In short, it is used to share images and videos by applying filters to obtain more professional images. It is very simple to use. The user must take a photo or record a video, then apply a filter or retouch the image from the same application, then add a description in which they can include hashtags to finally share it with their community. This image will appear in the user's Instagram feed. But it does not end there. The user can also share this image in the well-known Instagram Stories or Instagram Stories that last only 24 hours and are then automatically deleted.

When you share a publication, your followers can interact with it by leaving a comment or a like or sharing it in their stories so that it reaches other users of this famous social network. Instagram is also useful for chatting, as it allows you to have a private or group chat with the friends or followers you have added. In addition, you can make calls or video calls with up to 50 people.

5 advantages of Instagram

1. Boost your personal brand

Ideal if you are an independent professional who wants to improve and enhance your personal brand. Don't forget that photos and videos are the type of content that get the best response on social networks. So don't forget to integrate them into your brand strategy. Also, one of the advantages of Instagram is that your engagement will increase and for this you should not forget the hashtags. We recommend you choose the most successful and that are related to what you do. Add your hashtags based on your location, niche, trends and market. Also, forget the accents when you do it, use short hashtags, avoid fancy words and remember that in publications you can add up to 30. We recommend not abusing them in the stories so they do not look overloaded. Instagram will help humanize your personal brand and don't forget that you are the main image of your brand.

2. Boost your business

Instagram is an important platform for the digital transformation of your business. It will increase the visibility of your company, create engagement with your users and your community, allow you to humanise your business by getting closer to your followers, generate brand traffic to your website and you can promote your products or services outside your website. Another advantage of Instagram for your company is that it allows you to know the behaviour of your users and meet new ones. Thanks to the likes and comments you will know which are the contents that your audience has liked the most.

3. Promotion of products and services

This platform allows you to promote your products or services. To do this you can use your own photos or you can use free image and vector banks to edit them in a creative way. Remember that the work does not end with having a nice image, the text you put in the description of that image must also be attractive and clear. We recommend the use of emojis and giving spaces to the text so that it does not look overloaded.

4. Reflect the company culture

Another of the advantages of Instagram is that it is the perfect showcase to reflect the values and philosophy of your company, as well as to promote its culture. It not only serves to gain followers or attract customers, but also to attract talent. You should not forget that everything goes through the eyes and that your Instagram should be visually attractive. Entrepreneurs use this social network a lot to show their procedures such as product packaging, the process from the moment a customer reaches them until they receive their product or until the service is fulfilled. As well as to show the company's workers and the functions they carry out.

5. Humanise your brand or business

This is the ideal social network to show your human side as a brand or business. For them, it is important that you are authentic and coherent and tell your community the reason why you exist. It is essential that you build the story about the history of your company. Words have the power to generate feelings, so tell your community what gave birth to your brand, what are the problems you had to go through and what are the values that define it.

Inspiration is good, but don't copy someone else's. This will only make you one of the crowd. Assume that not everyone will like you, but those who choose you will stick with you until the end. Posting photos of your team is essential to engage your followers with your company culture. Don't be afraid to show yourself and remember that everyone has a story to tell. When working on your personal brand, it is important to tell your story because your followers will want to know who you are and what you do. Show your human side and your love for your work, as well as your daily personal and professional actions that have to do with your work or services.

The advantages of Instagram for your personal brand or company are many and we recommend you to use this famous social network to make your business grow.

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