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10 tips to increase sales on your website

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do you want to increase sales on your website? If the answer is yes, you have come to the perfect post.

Currently, internet sales have increased exponentially due to the facilities it offers, both for companies and for the consumer, but it is true that the internet is constantly changing and that is why you have to be aware of the new developments that are emerging.

Nowadays it is very important to be present on the internet, but above all, to be found. It is not enough just to create a website, it must be optimised so that users find you when they do a search and appear in the first results.

There are different strategies to help you increase sales on your website, here are 10 tips to make this possible.

  1. take advantage of Social Networks

In the last few years, social networks have not stopped growing, so they are an ideal tool for your business. Instagram, Tik tok or Facebook are perfect to generate traffic, spread your content or create conversation with your followers.

you don't have to be on all of them; create a profile on the ones that best suit your company and make the most of them. Share relevant content, provide value, answer users' questions, show your new products, etc.

Remember that social networks are public platforms, take care of what you share, anyone can go viral and this can be positive or negative for your brand.


  1. sEO

Organic positioning in search engines will be fundamental for your business. SEO is the set of techniques and tools that you use to position your website, that is, to appear in the first results of a search engine, for example, Google.

Working SEO offers you great advantages, as it is not enough to be on the internet, but you need your website and content to be shown in search engines. It is a job that takes a lot of effort and time, but it is worth it in the long run.

Some actions within SEO are the choice of keywords, internal and external links, meta descriptions, content indexing, friendly URLs, etc.

  1. content marketing

Creating relevant content, which is interesting to your users and focuses on their needs and concerns, will be one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods to grow on the web.

"Content is king": You have to be very clear about this phrase, because in recent years content marketing is one of the strategies that has grown the most within digital marketing plans.

Content marketing is based on creating, publishing and sharing content of interest to your buyer persona. This content has to be relevant and valuable to attract the attention of your target audience, with the aim of converting them into future customers.

  1. email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses email to attract potential customers or prospects. This technique is direct but non-invasive, as the customer agrees to receive emails from your brand.

This marketing technique allows you to adapt the content to each user and thus achieve greater return on investment. You can send messages to attract new customers, to improve the relationship with the ones you already have, to present a new product, etc.


  1. uX or user experience

The UX is a web design methodology that focuses on making the consumer feel comfortable interacting with your website thanks to its navigability. It is focused on the complete user experience, from start to finish. It creates experiences that seduce users with their effectiveness.

It is not about the graphic design of your website, but about the experience you offer thanks to usability, accessibility and interaction with the user and the product. By focusing on making a good user experience your customer will feel satisfied and happy, which will lead to an increase in sales as they will want to buy from you again.

  1. uI or User Interface

The UI allows your user to interact effectively with your website, it refers to everything that the customer relates to directly, from your website to the packaging of your product. In other words, the UI focuses on the visual elements that allow users to interact with a product or website.

UI design deals with things like colours, typography, icons, buttons, notification sounds, etc. It should be functional and appealing to your customer, don't complicate your website because you risk user abandonment.

  1. sEM

The SEM (Search engine marketing) or search engine marketing, are the set of techniques and tools for creating paid advertising campaigns on search engines that help us in search engine positioning.

It is done through a bidding system, where you decide how much to spend and how much to pay per click, everything will depend on the reach you want and the budget you have.

This type of campaign can help you increase sales, as you reach the user directly, being able to segment your audience according to their tastes, geography, age, etc. It is usually used in one-off campaigns and the results are immediate.

  1. different payment options

Facilitating your potential customer's payment method is a plus to increase sales. Currently there are different online payment methods such as: debit or credit card, paypal, transfer, bizum, etc.

The customer will choose the option they are most comfortable with, because if they are not, they will probably go to another site where they do have their trusted payment method.

  1. include a customer feedback section

It is essential to listen to your customers to know what they say about you, because this also helps you to gain loyalty, to improve for the future and to better understand your customer.

Include a section where your buyers can leave opinions, reviews, make surveys about your products and services, link your social networks so that they can interact and leave their comments on them, etc.

  1. delivery methods

Offer your potential customers different shipping methods so that they can choose the one that suits them best. Competing with large companies that offer free shipping with a very small shopping basket cost is difficult, but not impossible.

There are many ways of delivery: home delivery, drop-off or in-store pick-up (if you have a physical location), but you have to add shipping costs. We advise you to set a minimum purchase for free home delivery, and if you have a physical location, free in-store pick-up.

The most important thing at this point is that you keep your promises, and here we are talking about delivery times. Unless something happens that you can't control, keep to the deadlines that appear on your website, because this generates confidence.

we hope this information will help you to increase sales on your website! Put these tips into practice, and see for yourself the results obtained. Remember that what you do not measure cannot be improved, so use tools that help you in the analysis tasks to evaluate whether your work is producing results.

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