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Top 12 free Instagram tools

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do you have an ecommerce or do you work in digital marketing? You probably already know that social networks are a really beneficial channel for your marketing strategy. Well, the best thing you can do is to make the most of them, that is, you don't just have to use them as a channel to spread your advertising messages, you have to investigate and discover which tools can be beneficial for you. In this post we are going to tell you about a series of Instagram tools that will help you to optimise your strategy to the maximum.

Advantages of Instagram in my marketing strategy

  1. You boost your brand
    Thanks to instagram you will be able to define your brand identity and reinforce your corporate values. It is important that as a brand you can offer your audience valuable content that is attractive to them, and above all that they feel it is of interest and useful in their lives.

  2. You increase web traffic
    Instagram is a very large social network that has a large number of users, a number that increases daily, so it allows companies to redirect these users to their websites. You increase traffic in a resounding way by adding the URL in your instagram biography.

  3. Wide dissemination
    Within instagram there is an option to link other social networks to it, thanks to this you will get that the content you have in these other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, reach more people and the coverage you give is greater.

  4. Feedback
    Thanks to instagram, companies can interact with their public in real time, not only will you be helping them when they need it, something very important to gain their trust, but you will be getting to know them better, which helps you to introduce in your content an added value to any business.

  5. Accessibility
    Instagram is very accessible, that is, you can use it on your own mobile phone and also on your computer, so anyone will take very little time to discover our content and they will be able to access it very quickly.

  6. Geolocation
    This is one of the strongest points of instagram, if each photo you upload is accompanied by the location, you will reach more people, your company will appear on the photo map and you will get more users to come to it wanting to buy.

  7. Instagram Ads
    Thanks to this tool you will be able to create visual ads that allow you to humanise your brand, reaching new audiences and better segmenting the audience you want to reach.

Free tools for Instagram

Once we have defined many of the advantages that Instagram has for our marketing strategy, we can start with the free tools that exist to make the most of the strategy.

  • Design tools
  1. Canva
    It is a free application (although with payment options to expand its functions) that allows you to show all your creative skills without the need to have very specialised knowledge. With this tool you can create the best images in the simplest way. You can add frames, icons... and even blur to your liking! With this you have no excuse for not having the best images in your feed. Apart from the infographics that you can create in a very simple way with this tool.

  2. A colour story

    This other tool is a photo editor, it's the perfect one if you want to give your feed some colour, it contains hundreds of filters and effects that can help your photos go from being boring to stand out from your competition with their colours, transmitting a good vibe. The basic version is free, but it also includes packs of filters and effects for little money.

  3. InShot
    Instagram is no longer just a social network for adding photos, it's also becoming more and more common for video to be in every feed, so this video editing tool is becoming more and more popular, it allows you to merge videos, can add your branding, add music, and many other useful features. Thanks to this you can fill your feed and your stories with neat videos that will attract more and more of your readers.

  4. Presets The Preview
    If you are tired of the same old instagram filters, with this tool you can try the 16 new predesigned filters that will help you create all kinds of environments within your photos, it is an application as simple as useful as it can help you to give life to your photos.

  5. PicFlow
    This tool is completely free, apart from being very simple and intuitive, you can create galleries of 15-second images to upload to instagram stories. You only need to import the photos and the music you decide and you will have your video.
  • Management tools
  1. Repost
    The instagram application itself does not allow you to publish an image or video on your profile that another user has uploaded to their profile, with this application, doing so is super simple. You can publish a photo from another source to your feed in a very simple and intuitive way.

  2. Hootsuite
    This is one of the best tools if you have a marketing strategy, the application allows you to organise your entire account, i.e. you can schedule posts to be uploaded at certain times or see the statistics of a particular place on your profile.

  3. Later
    This is the star application when it comes to scheduling posts, with its free plan you can schedule more than 30 photos a month, which is more than enough as you can schedule one photo a day.

  4. Instagram Feed Planner
    This tool is a Wordpress plugin, it allows you to display any public instagram photo on your website.

  5. ShortStack
    Instagram sweepstakes are one of the most popular options when it comes to getting users' attention and interactions. With this application you can take advantage of the content that users have created by encouraging them to participate with, for example, a hashtag.

  6. Gleam
    Another tool like the previous one that allows you to organise singles, this one creates an Instagram widget that you can add to your website and attract visitors to your account, making them follow you to participate or promoting your post in which the sweepstakes is included.

  7. Planoly
    This application allows you to manage and plan all your posts, as well as publish automatically on instagram. It also allows you to preview the feed so you can create one in which everything matches with the tones, brightness and theme.

After all these tools, aren't you using all of them yet? Your marketing strategy will be much more effective after using all these tools, which will also help you to organise yourself better and take some work off your shoulders.

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