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Most important KPIs in digital marketing

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are you taking your first steps in Inbound Marketing and would like to remember some key concepts? Do you use blog, video, email and don't know how to optimise your marketing actions?

You need to measure results, and to do so, we are going to introduce you to the most important KPIs in digital marketing, i.e. Key Performance Indicators that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing actions.

Today we are going to talk about you, your strategies and how to measure them. You are about to discover the wonderful world of measuring results in Inbound.

"What you can't measure, you can't manage " - William Pepperell

why is it important to define your KPIs?

There are many reasons to define your Key Performance Indicators to measure the success or failure of your campaigns:

  • To check the performance of the marketing actions put in place.
  • Toknow the advanced objectives, the necessary corrections and the successful results.
  • Increase speed and transparency when communicating results.
  • Obtain valuable information about each stage of the process.

In short, KPIs allow us to make better decisions about our marketing strategy. To define them, it is necessary to remember those famous SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). Remember them?

I mean, increasing the number of visits to your blog in one day is not a SMART objective. It is not a realistic, specific or time-bound goal. On the contrary, publishing 150 posts on your blog over the next 11 months, or going from the current 400 visits to 600 per month by the end of this year, are considered SMART objectives.

Email marketing, blog content, video marketing, email... As a multi-media strategy, it might seem that measuring results is too complex. However, thanks to the power of the digital tools we use today, evaluating the performance of our campaigns is easier than you think.

find out how!

The most important KPIs in digital marketing: did you know them?

It all depends on the actions and tools you are using: blog? social media? for what purpose?

Let's suppose we are implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy, with all that this implies: generating content on blogs, sharing on social networks, distributing newsletters by email, presenting products in videos, etc. What we are talking about is Web Positioning and Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media.

which KPIs to use in each of them?

  • Web Positioning

Before you get out the ruler and the bevel, your website must be designed in such a way that it can be measured (meta-description, title, avoid duplicate content, use image and ALT tags...). Once you check the availability of these elements, you can measure results with these SEO KPIs:

  • Web traffic KPI: Identify the number of visitors and interaction on the pages of our site. More specifically, other web traffic KPIs could be: audience, number of visitors and bounce rate.
  • Revenue is the money earned as a result of the conversions that have taken place for all those visits coming from search engines.
  • Conversions: The percentage and number of visits that come from search engines, either because they have subscribed to a newsletter or because they have made a purchase.

  • Email Marketing

They say that our email inbox is the best social network in the world, and this is the perfect time to check if your campaign is working properly, or if it needs improvement. To do so, you can use the following indicators:

  • Delivery rate: The number of emails that effectively reach the subscriber.
  • Bounce rate, i.e. how many emails sent have not reached their recipient.
  • Open rate: How many of the people who received the email opened it.
  • Click-through rate: This is the number of clicks on the links included.
  • Conversion rate: The percentage of emails that lead to a specific action.
  • Content marketing

If what is not communicated does not exist, what is not measured cannot be improved. Content marketing is the fundamental leg of your Inbound strategy. See how to measure its results!

  • Mobile traffic: How many visits come from mobile devices?
  • Dwell time: How long did it take the user to leave the post or page?
  • Comments: How manycomments, has it generated a lot of interaction? If the answer is yes, it means that the post has generated a very high degree of interest.
  • Social impact: How many times has your content been shared on social networks?

  • Social Media

"It's not about platforms, it's about experiences". What is happening with the actions you are taking on your social networks, is your list of followers growing, how is the content you are sharing working, we show you some KPIs to recommend in Social Media:

  • Increase in followers, and therefore, greater reach of your messages.
  • Volume of publications: Evaluate the consistency of your publications.
  • Engagement: Although it can be measured in many ways, the most common is to add up all the interactions achieved in a post, divide them by the total number of people reached per publication and multiply by 100
  • Interactions: Among the most common are: clicks on links, sharing posts and commenting on posts.

ready to practice? Measuring the results of your digital marketing campaigns is vital to correct mistakes and optimise processes.

And speaking of digital marketing and KPIs... Without a well-defined objective, it is impossible to measure results!

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