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Tips to improve your content marketing strategy

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Content marketing is part of Inbound Marketing and is based on creating content that can interest the user you are targeting as a brand, i.e. your buyer persona. Thanks to Content Marketing, you can accompany the user throughout the entire purchase cycle, i.e. from the moment the person realises the need they have until they make the decision to buy a good or hire a service.

During this cycle, it is important to draw the user's attention to the stages they go through before deciding to purchase what your brand offers them. It is therefore a very effective strategy for attracting new leads and building customer loyalty. It is also essential to take into account three key aspects when developing your content marketing strategy:

  1. Define your buyer persona perfectly: It is essential to know who you are targeting and to know them perfectly in order to work on developing content that is of interest to them.
  2. Offer quality content: It is not enough to create content, you have to attract the attention of all users and use that opportunity to build customer loyalty. Create quality content and you will achieve your goals.
  3. Spread your content: Your efforts will be useless if you don't know how to get yourself seen. Likewise, having a great idea is worthless if you don't know how to make other users discover it. It can help you, for example, to know the keys to positioning. Here we explain how to do it:

how to spread your content?

  1. Look for allies: The more dissemination the better, so finding allies is a great strategy to reach a larger number of users.
  2. Use an appropriate tone: You have to remember who your buyer persona is and adapt to it. It is not the same to be addressing students who are learning as experts on a subject. You also have to take into account the formality with which you address your audience, do not be too colloquial or they will not take you seriously, but do not be too serious or the audience will not be able to empathise with you.
  3. Email marketing: Take advantage of the benefits of email marketing and use it without being intrusive or overwhelming the user.
  4. Own media: Disseminate through your own channels, so that you manage the dissemination of your content in all its phases.
  5. Paid media: This content is paid for, i.e. we invest in order to advertise. These are SEM ads, sponsored ads or promoted publications. This is beneficial for positioning in a short time and to better segment your audience.

Tips para mejorar tu estrategia de marketing de contenidos

The best tips for your content marketing strategies

  • Invest in SEO: Positioning for content marketing is key, it will give you more prestige and differentiate you from your competition, so invest your time and effort in positioning yourself in the first results of Google.
  • Focus on conversion: A visit to your website in itself is not going to generate profits, but leads do have value, visitors to your site have to become contacts that expand your database, so you need a good strategy, you need to stop having visitors and move on to having leads.
  • Think long term: You have to think about your content strategy in the long term, that is to say, if from the beginning you have a calendar with the rhythm of your publications, you will be organised in advance and you will not make mistakes.

what difficulties can you encounter?

  • Not knowing how to generate relevant content for your buyer persona. If you do not generate interesting content to attract your target audience, you will lose your audience and the attention they pay to your brand, so you will lose visits to your page and with it leads and sales.
  • Not producing enough content: This issue directly affects your long-term strategy, if you don't have enough content, you will lose customers in the long run. You need to invest time and dedication right from the start and know when you are going to have to generate content again so that you can plan for it.
  • Failure to generate content throughout the entire sales process. Often we have a lot of content planned for certain phases but in others we have little, which can cause problems at important moments in the funnel, and cause us to lose our leads at an advanced point in the buying process.

Tips para mejorar tu estrategia de marketing de contenidos

how to measure results?

Finally, after knowing what content marketing is, the key aspects of it, how to disseminate content, the difficulties it has and the best tips for developing our strategy, all that remains is to know how to measure our results:

  • Viralisation in networks: If your content is of quality, your own users will spread it within social networks. It is a good way to find out if the content you generate is liked by your audience. Using hashtags is a plus at this point.
  • Comments: Another very simple way to find out how your strategy is going is to analyse whether users have created a debate around your content. The comments they leave on the blog or the page, as well as the number of views are good feedback when analysing our results.
  • Cost: The ROI we get after our content marketing strategy must be positive, which means that what the user brings us is more beneficial than what we spend to get it. If not, you must optimise your strategy or you will be losing money.

In conclusion, content marketing is a fundamental part of inbound marketing. Thanks to it, we will not only increase traffic to our website, but also quality leads, and thanks to these quality leads, we will increase sales.

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