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SEO on Amazon: How to rank well and sell more in 2022?

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Just like search engines like Google, which show us search results according to SEO positioning, there are online sales pages that also show their products according to SEO tracking. This is the case of Amazon, did you know that? Have you ever wondered why some products appear first before others when you do a search? Do you have your products for sale on this platform and would like to appear first? Let's solve your doubts in this post!

what is Amazon and how does it work?

We are sure that you know what Amazon is and that probably, as an individual user, you have made a purchase on its platform. Therefore, you will already know that Amazon is a web platform, present for sale in many countries around the world (including Spain) and whose purpose is to sell all kinds of products online with fast and free shipping if you are a member of its Amazon Prime community. Its slogan is "from A to Z", thus trying to show that they have all kinds of products that can start with any of these letters; that is, the whole alphabet.

As a user you already know how it works. However, you may have noticed that Amazon not only sells its own branded products, but mostly sells products from all kinds of brands that want to position themselves on its platform and sell their products through it. As they define it on their own website: "Today, many companies are working with Amazon Services to develop their e-commerce offering, technical and customer service, and order management and shipping. Major brands also use Amazon as a sales channel, offering their products directly to Amazon sites".

Globally, as the data shows, Amazon is the main platform through which products of various kinds are purchased. Everyone knows Amazon, uses it, and always turns to it when they want to buy a product. So, if you have an online brand, why not advertise and sell your products through this platform?

We imagine that you have your own website where you sell your products and services, but placing yourself on Amazon will give you greater visibility. For example, if you have a business that sells hoovers, users who search for "hoovers" directly in the Google search engine will be able to find you. However, a large part of users no longer search in common search engines (such as Google) but directly enter Amazon and from there they search for the product. In this way, if you are not available on this platform, you are losing out on sales opportunities.

Another of Amazon's advantages is the use of its reviews. By being able to post product reviews, other users will be guided by them before making a purchase. Or are you not one of those who look for product information and reviews before making a purchase? Surely you are. That is why Amazon has become a leader in this sector. Do you know, in fact, that 4 out of every 6 consumers consult the reviews of a product on Amazon before buying it? This is demonstrated by the latest studies carried out on the purchasing habits of consumers.

how to position yourself on Amazon to sell more in 2021?

If you are planning to sell your products on this famous platform, congratulations! You are taking a big step towards increasing your company's sales in the new year. We just have to remind you that Amazon's search engine, like other search engines, is also guided by SEO positioning .

The first thing to bear in mind is that Amazon works in a different way to Google. Google is mainly dedicated to organising information about websites, and Amazon is dedicated to selling products. Therefore, what is most important for Amazon to position well is the conversion of the product. This includes the number of transactions, the average value of each visit/purchase and the total number of euros earned from the sales of that product.

Amazon's ranking criteria is based on the A9 algorithm, developed to find the "best" products, i.e. those which, according to Amazon, are able to generate the most profit for its own platform. This means that it all comes down to a question of price, in most cases (depending on the price of the product, it generates a greater attraction for buyers, who will be in charge of assessing whether the price corresponds to the quality).

As suspected, the A9 algorithm used by Amazon SEO favours products that make more money for its own business, either by percentage of profits or by sales volume. Fortunately for the consumer, this is often in their interest, as the algorithm often promotes the items with the best value for money.

Probably, knowing all this information, you are wondering how to position yourself well in Amazon's SEO as you can do in Google's SEO or other web search engines. Well, Amazon is the same as Google, the more information it knows about the product, the more it will help you. To do this, we must complete all the information fields that Amazon asks us to fill in when uploading a product to its platform. These are:

  • Images: These are essential if we want to sell our product, and the larger and higher quality they are, the more the algorithm will value them.
  • Product title: It should be as optimised as possible and contain: brand, size, colour, material...
  • Description: The more detailed, the better, and that provides the maximum amount of data that is of value to your users. This is where the keywords to search for your products should be.
  • Choose your search terms well: Amazon only gives you 5 fields to fill in, so keep this in mind to choose the best options and not repeat.
  • Good reviews, opinions, comments, etc: This is the most valued by Amazon, as we have already mentioned, as it knows that the more stars and positive comments a product has, the easier it will be to sell it.
  • Choosing the right category: It benefits your products and also Amazon. When you catalogue your products you must choose where to include them.
  • Offers and discounts: They are well valued by Amazon and, in fact, when they are included, the article is considered more relevant, therefore, you gain positioning. It is convenient, therefore, to make offers of our products or reduce them every few days from time to time. In the same way, raising the price will affect us negatively.

Talking about SEO does not always have to be related to the positioning of search engines like Google. As we already know, being well positioned in these search engines is very important for your company, however, if you want to sell your products, being positioned in the most used online marketplace in the world, will also help you increase your sales. Improving your SEO in Amazon will not only help you increase sales, but it will also improve your positioning in Google in turn, by increasing the number of reviews and positive opinions .

As we have said before, SEO is constantly changing, updating and gaining value on platforms other than the usual search engines, so keeping up to date with new trends and keeping ourselves updated is the best thing we can do to help our brand.

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