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Amazon Advertising: everything you need to know

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When it comes to creating our digital advertising campaign, we probably think of websites such as Facebook or even Google as they are important and influential on the Internet, so it is inevitable that they will automatically appear in our minds.

However, there are other interesting options that may be more in line with your marketing plan, such as Amazon Advertising.

what is it and how does it work?

Amazon is the world's largest shopping platform, with more than 300 million active users. It became the king of digital commerce and consolidated a large community of loyal consumers based on the collection of user data to personalise their experience on the web. This is how thousands of companies get to know in depth the needs and problems of their potential customers, first, and then offer them a personalised product or service.

This is when the platform launches Amazon Advertising, a pay-per-click advertising system where advertisers can place their ads in different locations, use different options for audience targeting and pay only when users click on them.

why should I use Amazon Ads to increase my sales?

Amazon Advertising has many advantages over marketing and its main competitors:

  • It facilitates communication between the company and the customer, being able to build an active and loyal audience.

  • It allows you to address specifically to your target in a personalised way.

  • It offers you metrics to help you plan and optimise your marketing strategy.

With more than 300 million users, the company is a very interesting option due to its wide reach. In Spain, with 181 million users, the influence of this website in the e-commerce sector is growing steadily, as well as its relevance , as it has privileged information on the consumption habits of users, unlike other platforms.

Due to the synergies generated, your organic results will improve and with them your positioning thanks to the reinforcement of the ads on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising has analysis functions that will help you to optimise your marketing strategies and achieve increasingly effective advertising.

Compared to other pay-per-click platforms, Amazon is really easy to use and even has an automatic campaign creation option that does most of the work for you.

Although Amazon advertising is new and still lags behind Facebook and Google, it has great potential for growth.

Amazon Ads

Types of advertising that stand out on Amazon Ads

  • Featured ads

These are ads aimed at branding and generating sales and brand awareness through keywords on search results. The way these ads work is that each time the ad wins the bid, it will appear at the top of the page and drive discovery of your brand.

  • Sponsored Product Ads

These offer engaging and innovative experiences to capture the attention of your target audience both online and offline, from brand integrations with Amazon's latest retail initiatives to large-scale outdoor advertising.

In contrast, personalised ads are complex and require the collaboration of an ad consultant.

  • Display Ads

This type of ad is aimed at generating brand and product awareness by displaying ads based on the user's interests. They typically appear on related product detail pages, and encourage upselling .

The platform has different formats and targeting options based on users' buying behaviour. The key to the success of these campaigns will depend on the good use of the designs and creativity you put into your ads.

Display ad campaigns on Amazon Advertising can be managed by the advertiser or by a team of experts.

  • Video ads

Video ads can be used as a complement or alternative to display campaigns, as it combines the most creative way to showcase your brand with audiovisual demonstrations of your products and services.

Video ads can be placed on Amazon sites as well as other places on the internet, always taking advantage of the privileged information of our target that this platform has. It is important to take the utmost care of the quality of your video, for example using subtitles or adapting it correctly for playback on different devices.

Tips to optimise your advertising on Amazon

  • On Amazon there are prohibited categories, i.e. products that are not allowed to be marketed on the platform so you cannot advertise them. Keep this in mind when choosing whether Amazon is your pay-per-click advertising system that best suits your needs.

  • To increase your visual power, try placing photos that show your product in a context of use, conveying a lifestyle and positive feelings that the customer can relate to.

  • Ideally, you should have as much control as possible over your campaigns in order to be strategically more effective, but we advise you that automatic campaigns make a lot of sense on this portal.

  • Campaign for the keywords you want to target, and rank for a certain product. Create a specific campaign with that keyword and its variations. You will see how the process speeds up when it comes to positioning yourself.

  • Don't be afraid to run campaigns or try new formats. The objective of this strategy is always to sell through the greatest possible exposure. But bear in mind the advertising funnel in which the user is in.

  • It is important to be consistent when creating campaigns, this way you will achieve a continuous and established relationship with your users. This means aligning products, categories and keywords.

In conclusion, we recommend that you do not ignore Amazon Advertising when establishing your strategy. It is an online advertising platform that is in constant growth and development, which offers you very interesting opportunities to reach your target customer and effectively reinforce your brand awareness among users.

if you have any questions about how to create your online marketing strategy on Amazon, please contact us!

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