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what is the relationship between Amazon and marketing?

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It all started with a dream. Selling books changed forever when an American entrepreneur created the online bookstore His name is Jeff Bezos and he is the founder and CEO of Amazon. But what is the key to the company's success, how does it relate to marketing today, and what role do customers play in its strategy?

All this and more in the following lines. Will you join us?

The key to Amazon's success

It has been proven that the customer is the main link in any marketing strategy. Experience and evolution tell us that it is the customer who is always right. Customers do not follow our steps, but it is the brands who adapt to theirs. If not, why did Inbound Marketing arise? It was the companies who had to start adapting to the needs of their potential customers.

Amazon is very clear about this. That is why the key to its success lies in its relationship with its customers. This company became aware of the importance of the information about their habits. That is how thousands of companies manage to know in depth the needs and problems of their potential customers, first, and then offer them a personalised product or service.

We are talking about better feedback and satisfaction born from the analysis of their preferences.

The customer on Amazon

As we have been telling you, this is the most important point within companies. How has Amazon managed to gather information about the preferences of its customers in its strategy?

Thanks to its system, Amazon is able to offer its customers meaningful actions, such as reminding them if they are buying a repeated product, recommending other purchases, making specialised searches, etc. Have you thought about how your relationship with your customers would improve if you also gathered information about their habits and preferences?

Amazon's initiatives

Although the most direct way to obtain information is usually by asking questions, the truth is that this is not the only alternative. Amazon has been so clear about this that today we wanted to take a look at some of its most significant initiatives:

  • Calling on customers to participate in their projects: "A contest in which they tell their own experience of using the Kindle device". The results of this was an advert for the summer campaign that was seen by more than 100 million people around the world.
  • Spaces to write their own blogs. Thanks to this initiative, many book authors have been able to communicate directly with their readers through the Amazon Connect tool.

The ideas and creativity of your customers can be decisive in your company's marketing strategies. Amazon is a clear example of this, and there is no better source of information than the one you want to attract.

inbound Marketing or traditional marketing?

Perhaps, at this point we should not talk about a traditional marketing strategy, but about Inbound Marketing, as it is the methodology of the moment, a philosophy focused 100% on the customer, on empathy and on the proximity of brands to them.

Inbound Marketing says that to attract your potential customers you must offer them useful and relevant content, adding value at each stage of their journey. Only then will they be the ones who end up finding you through different channels such as blogs, search engines and social networks. Only then will it be possible to speak of an effective strategy. Of a world of possibilities that begins with your brand and ends up immersing itself in a lasting relationship.

Only then.

¡Mejora ahora con una estrategia de Inbound Marketing a tu medida!

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