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what is 11.11 and why buy it?

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11.11 is here! 11.11 is here for another year with incredible discounts and offers that will make you fall into temptation, every year more and more companies are joining this day that is becoming more and more of a celebration.

what is 11.11?

We are dealing with a holiday of Chinese origin called Single Day or Singles' Day, celebrated on 11 November. In Spain we have only recently acquired this celebration, but it is now essential to celebrate this commercial event less than two months before the end of the year. These exclusive offers come in handy for the Christmas campaign.

This holiday was invented by students at Nanjing University in 1993 as a reaction and criticism to Valentine's Day, they were single and decided to choose the date 11.11 as the number 1 represents a person who has a partner and this date is the one that contains more "1", this idea caught on and was gradually spreading to other universities, colleges and other places related to hate, businesses were increasingly taking advantage of this holiday and seeing the great business that was in this Singles' Day. Singles, as a general rule, are young people with no ties who have more money available to spend, in Spain this commercial celebration has become popular since 2015, getting that we can take advantage of all these advantages.

why buy on 11.11?

There are numerous online shopping sites that are increasingly joining the 11.11 initiative with exclusive discounts of up to 85%. A whole week of discounts that concludes with the big day, Thursday 11th. This commercial celebration comes ahead of the Christmas campaign and Black Friday.

There are many advantages to shopping on 11.11 in the numerous shops and platforms that offer offers and discounts, as many of these are not only limited to 11 November itself, but also offer discounts on previous days.

This is the first campaign before the Christmas season, so it can help you to start buying Christmas gifts with exclusive offers, which is why we must be aware of the many platforms that offer their discounts in order to make the most of them.

One of the most popular companies that is most involved in this celebration is Aliexpress, an Alibaba company that, being of Chinese origin, celebrates this in style, and for weeks has already had its countdown on the platform, which calls this day "World Shopping Day". This is a good prelude before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. With this, what we mean is that it is the best day of the year to buy all the products that we usually find in Chinese online shops such as mobile phones, different elements of technology, clothing, appliances, drones... These are just some of the many products that you can find this Thursday at almost free prices.

The biggest sales day of the year

It is true that there are certain days or dates on which there are a lot of sales, such as the summer and winter sales or the already mentioned Black Friday that will take place on 26 November. On these dates there are large volumes of sales, but nothing compared to all the sales that move on 11.11 or Single 's Day. To understand this well, let's go with a fact: In 2017, only ALibaba, sold products to reach a total value of 25,000 million dollars. In comparison, this amount is four times greater than that obtained with Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Continuing with the data, we can say that Alibaba's payment system recorded an average of 256,000 transactions per second on 11 November last year, sending some 700 million packages.

The best shops where to buy on 11.11.

Now that we have seen where 11.11 comes from and what advantages it is bringing us, let's see which are the best sites and platforms where we can buy from Spain.

  1. Aliexpress

    As we mentioned before, Aliexpress is a great site for this day, to be specific, it is the most important Chinese online commerce and the one that has bet more for our country. They were the ones who baptized this day as World Shopping Day, a strategy that serves to make it more international. To make this celebration global, they help everyone to take advantage of these offers, extending the promotion from 14.00 on 10 November until 14.59 on 12 November.

    In Aliexpress we can distinguish two completely different sections:

    On the one hand we have Aliexpress Plaza, this is the shop that has the warehouses in Spain, in this we cannot find all the products that we do find in the main shop but there are a lot of products such as mobiles, drones and household appliances. As they are sent from Spain, these products have no problems with customs, plus the advantage of arriving in between 2 and 5 days and being subject to Spanish laws on issues of returns and warranties.

    On the other hand, we have the standard AliExpress shop, with more than 10 million products shipped from China, from where you can access all the bargains, both from Plaza and China.

  2. eBay
    We can also find great discounts on this auction site and online commerce, a lot of items that will have a discount of up to 60% will be available to consumers on such an important day.

  3. Gearbest
    This great company comes with the best technology products, you will find great discounts and an active contest that will help you save much more. This is one of the most popular within Europe, thanks to this we should not worry about customs, especially because there are also shipments from Spain, which will arrive in about 5 days. They are distributing a billion dollars in coupons.

  4. Mediamarkt
    Don't worry, Mediamarkt won't miss out on Singles' Day either, they will bring us discounts in categories such as telephony or electrical appliances, they will celebrate in style with, as they say, a "carnival" of discounts that no one will be able to resist.

  5. Shein
    If what you want is to find fashion at the best price, you can not miss all the offers that shein will enable within its Chinese website, if you want to wear the latest fashion for the best price, bet on shein!

Take advantage of all these tips and recommendations and buy on 11.11 in one of these online shops that we suggest, shopping is very easy and you will save a lot of money, do not miss the opportunity and start collecting gifts for this Christmas!

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