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what is WeChat?

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WeChat is an instant messaging application that aims to connect people all over the world, with more than 100 million downloads and a 3.7 out of 5 rating in the Android Playstore.

The application, of Chinese origin, seeks to reconcile the more graphic side of social networks with the more practical side of instant messaging and the usefulness of mobile payment. Almost all social networks have a messaging section, such as Twitter or Instagram's direct messages; however, although we can start conversations through them, they are not our main chat tool. We only use them at specific times or with people whose phone numbers we do not have. At the same time, although applications such as WhatsApp have spaces such as statuses to share photos temporarily with all our contacts, they do not replace Instagram, Facebook or Twitter stories either.

WeChat seeks to become the perfect balance between sharing photos and chatting, adding mobile payment to both. It is compatible between several devices at the same time, such as mobile and computer, and has messaging translation into 18 different languages. The main objective is to connect everyone under the same instant chat.

These are some of the functions offered by the application:

Chat and calls

The mobile phone is nowadays our main tool for communicating with others, but it is no longer reduced to just one mode: WeChat offers instant written chat that includes text messages, voice messages, images, videos, location and emoticons.

You can create a one-to-one chat or a group chat of up to 500 people, which exceeds the maximum number of participants in other applications.

It also features high-quality, international voice and video calls, with video calls up to 9 people. Beyond the traditional, the application includes WeChat Out: calls to mobile and landline phones around the world at very low rates. WeChat

Moments and Statuses

This is the most social media-like side of the app. In the Moments section you can share your favourite moments. You can post photos, videos and more to your personal Moments stream. Other users can see them and interact with you through them.

In the Status you can post how you feel. Post your status to capture your mood and share an ephemeral experience with your friends. The duration of these images is temporary, which would replace Instagram or Twitter stories.

You can find your friends from the search engine or you can also add them manually, creating your own community to share your moments and interact with.

WeChat momentos y estados


These are fun and dynamic graphic animations that allow you to express yourself in a different way in chats. There are even stickers with characters from films and cartoons. Add these stickers to your texts to break the barrier of intention that sometimes limits us in written language.

The stickers are stored in a section called the sticker gallery and can be personalised. You can create your own stickers, some of them thanks to the Selfie Stickers feature, to create an even more personalised image.


The big difference between WeChat and other messaging apps is the balance between chat and social network. With WeChat you can enjoy the convenience of the world's leading mobile payment functions, which can be found in the Pay and Wallet sections. The app also allows transactions between different currencies, while maintaining the global nature of WeChat.

Companies that want to be part of this application can distinguish themselves from other users with a verified profile that guarantees their authenticity and reliability to customers when making purchases. At a business level, WeChat is highly recommended because it has very useful features such as the division by department chats, as well as calendars and organisational tools .

The application is available on PlayStore and AppleStore. After downloading it, you only need to add your phone number, which is essential for calls and messaging. After receiving an SMS, you can create your user and add a photo that will always appear next to your profile so that your friends can identify you.

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