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Occam audiovisual production company in Madrid

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are you looking for an advertising production company in Madrid? Do you need a touch of creativity?

Yes, we are your agency, the one that adapts to your project, stirs up ideas and gets involved in your team to create memorable experiences. At Occam Agencia Digital we fuse constancy with strategy, we put ourselves in your clients' shoes and come up with attractive, functional and original solutions to connect with your potential audience.

we are leaders when it comes to creating audiovisual pieces for companies, a production company that gets excited when it hears your story to create stories that connect with the public, that resonate and meet objectives.

We are meticulous, we polish every detail: we like well-recorded shoots, the right pace in voiceovers, the right video for every business need and writing scripts that make the difference with conventional posts.

We believe in what we do since 2015 and we trust in the audiovisual power to capture attention and sow emotions.

If you want to know what we offer, stay, make yourself comfortable and enjoy. We are your advertising production company in Madrid.

The video arsenal at Occam Agencia Digital

We have what you need, and we already know that this is the same as saying nothing. That's why we have compiled in this section the main services offered by our team under the badge of audiovisual production company in Madrid.

What identifies us:

  • We make your audience remember you for who you are and what you show yourself to be.
  • We make your audience remember you for who you are and for who you show yourself to be.
  • We communicate better with video. Videos are cool. You know it and your clients know it.
  • Scripts that tell great stories in just a few minutes. We take care of the intonation, we measure the rhythm and we connect.

Audiovisual production services at your advertising agency in Madrid:

  • Corporate video: Present your company values, facilities, products, services and much more in a simple and approachable way.
  • Motion Graphics: Combines photography, audio, text, graphic design and video in a dynamic and attractive way.
  • Animated GIFs support animations and add fun to your messages. They are attractive due to their brevity, as well as being capturing and catalytic.
  • Tutorials and training pills. Creation of manuals, FAQ videos, learning guides... In an attractive and creative way!
  • Testimonial video: Opinions count for a lot. This resource is ideal for telling experiences, opinions and stories of your customers through the brand.
  • Event video. Whether it's the inauguration of a new business, a meeting with your suppliers, a flashmob or a promotional action, we communicate it!
  • 360º video. We capture life in all dimensions, we offer a view from different perspectives to immerse you in VR sequences whenever and however you want.
  • Corporate webseries- corporate fiction can cover interesting topics such as your working relationships, FAQs, safety manuals, company policies .... Make it fun!
  • Promos: There's nothing like using video to promote a product, launch a campaign or target a specific audience .

Characteristics that represent us as an advertising production company:

  • Innovation: We know that the world of graphic design and audiovisual production is a constantly changing environment, so we keep up to date and innovate in production equipment, techniques and software.
  • Variety: A true bromance. We specialise in a wide range of formats. Ask for yours, we'll take care of the rest!
  • No surprises. We take care of every step of the video strategy to be clear from the beginning and avoid unforeseen events. We start with the briefing .
  • Balance: We are not more expert than fresh, nor more specialist than technical. We maintain a good balance between the values that represent us.
  • Confidence: We believe in your possibilities and trust in our talent, commitment and work capacity. It's the perfect combination for brands looking to differentiate themselves.

can you find what you are looking for? Are you looking and can't find it? At this Madrid-based advertising production company we can help you find the type of video you need at any given moment, as well as distributing it on those channels where your potential audience is.

Take a look at these examples in our portfolio.

We work at the top of our game

We also work with drones to operate in controlled aerial spaces. Drone photography has something that few other systems can match, and that is a different point of view, with images that enhance the qualities of your company.

That's why we rely on the extra innovation that drone marketing brings, and we make it possible through our training in this area. We also have the AESA licence to operate in full compliance with regulations. Looking for creative camera movements? We can help you.

We are your advertising production company in Madrid

We pay attention to digital communication because it is an irreversible change in the way audiences consume content. What's more, we are the advertising production company you are looking for in Madrid for several reasons:

  • We invest in knowledge

Our audiovisual factory is constantly working on training, communication and marketing, or rather, audiovisual culture is part of our daily lives. Haven't you noticed the rise of video in the last decade?

  • We empathise with how the human brain works

Do you think it is a coincidence that millennials and centennials prefer video tutorials? Why do they follow gurus who explain techniques on video?

By 2020, online videos have accounted for more than 80% of all user internet traffic. 9 out of 10 people watch videos of the brands they follow. And viewers retain more information about the message when they see it in this format.

still have doubts?

Finally, more video!

As an audiovisual production company in Madrid, we love the good ideas that the world of unfiltered audiovisual production brings. We know that it is not easy to materialise the idea you have in mind or to find an initiative that shakes the emotions of your audience. However, you have come to the right place, because far from taking out our crystal ball and guessing your future, we go down to earth, analyse the preferences of your buyer persona and design pieces that connect your brand with their needs.

A unique experience that your audience will not be able to escape from. Find our advertising production company in Madrid and let yourself be carried away. Shall we talk?

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