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World Television Day

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Today 21st November is Television Day, so we are going to share with you how television has been an essential means of communication for advertising.

Television was first invented in 1915 by John Logie Baird, although it was not until 1927 when it was broadcast for the first time in the USA and England. Later, around 1950, television images began to be transmitted in colour. In Spain it was not until 28 October when TVE began to broadcast regularly.01130488_xl

It was in the United States that a commercial was broadcast for the first time, during a baseball game. In Spain, too , they began to be broadcast little by little. The first was live, a Winston panel behind presenters Ramsy James and Jesús Álvarez, in a musical programme. Later came the recorded commercials. The first was for an Omega Sea Master watch, broadcast on TVE.

but what has television meant for the advertising world? Here are some of its greatest advantages:

  • It allows the message to have a greater reach, as it allows more stimuli to be used
  • Source of income for companies.
  • Reaches a large number of audiences.
  • Different advertisingformats such as spots or sponsorship.
  • Itallows advertising to have an informative value, making the advantages of a product known.
  • Emotional campaigns are more effective.

We could list more advantages, as well as disadvantages, for example zapping or changing channels to "avoid" advertisements.

Finally, here are some of the most epic ads on Spanish television according to ABC:

can you think of any other advantages and disadvantages of television?

happy Television Day!


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