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The most popular Tik Tok hashtags

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Every social network that is created is based to a greater extent on viral content, speed and engagement. If before a post on Tuenti could be trending among your followers for days and weeks, now a viral dance on Tik Tok can be uninteresting the next day .

This generates a feedback loop in which a video is no longer uninteresting because the application is full of the same video or style of video repeated infinitely but, at the same time, it is necessary to join a trend in the moment to get the benefits of virality, which are many.

Why be interested in hashtags

In short, the use of popular hashtags has two objectives: engagement and popularity. If you use the most popular hashtags, your video will get more views, more followers and more interactions, which will improve its engagement and that of your profile. These changes and increased engagement, as happens with the Instagram application, are a succulent call to the algorithm. That is, if you manage to increase engagement (for which hashtags are a great ally) the application's algorithm will recommend your account more times and will do so with profiles with similar interests and content, making your engagement increase more and more, and so on. This is why it is such an interesting tool for businesses and companies.

Hashtags offer advantages both for searching and for being found and tracked, which is why they are so important. In fact, a video increases its chances of going viral if it includes hashtags. To include a hashtag in your post, record the video and, once uploaded, in the description part of the video, click on the "hashtags" section at the bottom left.

They also appear at the bottom of the video when it is viewed, so they not only serve as a classification but can also be read, so it can be useful that, in addition to seeking positioning, they contribute something to the video.

The most popular hashtags on TikTon indicate trending topics, but they also seek to classify videos so that they can be searched for more easily. For example, the hashtag #follow allows you to search for videos whose participants are looking for followers or even followback. The hashtag #duet is used either for videos that are a duet between two accounts or to indicate profiles that are looking for and want to make duets.

however, they are also used to qualify the subject matter of the content, such as:

  • #comedy
  • #funny
  • #memes
  • #blooper
  • #love
  • #music
  • #happy
  • #photography
  • #paint
  • #art
  • #drawing
  • #animation

Likewise, each application creates its own language, which is why we find hashtags such as #dancechallenge, which is added to videos whose content consists of replicating one of the application's viral dances and choreographies. With this hashtag, they can be found by all those who either want to see videos of the choreography or want to learn it in order to replicate it.

But like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other apps, Tik Tok has diversified its audience and its content to the point that, what started out as an app for comedy videos, today can be a business for cooks. instafooders have come to tik tok and end the list of the most used hashtags with:

  • #stayhealthy
  • #healthiswealth
  • #easyrecipe
  • #foodrecipe
  • #veganrecipe
  • #foodislove
  • #healthyfood

Although these are the most common trends, what defines Tik Tok is the volatility of virality, and it is common that new hashtags are constantly being generated about viral content or challenges. It is therefore important to be aware and updated of these fleeting trends, as it is essential to ride the wave of virality at the right time to get the desired engagement. If you notice the rise of a new trend and its hashtag too late, it will be too late and the video will not have the desired report.

Therefore, knowing how to search and follow hashtags is one of the best tactics to stay alert. To do this, access the magnifying glass icon on the top right. To search, simply type in the word or words you want to find and, for more precision, you can select the search type "hashtags" on the right hand side of the options that appear just below the search bar.

Searching hashtags not only has advantages for finding the most viral content, but also allows businesses to know what tactics and content their competitors are employing.

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