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Top 7 of the best webinar platforms you should use

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The birth of webinars

Circumstances have led us to use these webinars and after checking their convenience, they are here to stay, their online video format has been very popular over the last few years due to the need to carry out work and teaching in a non-presential way, which attracts the public en masse due to the facilities it provides. But that is not enough, for the content to be attractive to the public, a quality platform must be used, and this is achieved by broadcasting this content on the best webinar platforms. Facilities and multiple tools are needed to share any type of online content with clients, students or partners. Nowadays there are many platforms and it is difficult to know which one to choose.

So if you need to use this kind of platforms but you don't know which one suits you best, here we help you to know which platform is the best to give your classes, hold your meetings or to broadcast your seminars, we are here to list the best webinar platforms explaining the advantages of each one of them.

The 7 best webinar platforms

After analysing the most popular webinar platforms of the moment, here is the list with the platforms that offer the best services. Depending on the needs of your business you may find one or the other more attractive, but you don't have to download all of them to try them, with this list, in less than 5 minutes you can read and compare the advantages of each one and see which one adapts better to your needs.

1. GoToWebinar

We could say that this is the most used platform in the webinar world, which is mainly due to its ease of use and intuitive design, apart from what defines the slogan itself: "fail-safe webinars". All this created specifically for those companies that because of the situation have been practically forced to use this type of platforms. In GoToWebinar you can add power points, reports, and all kinds of documents in a very simple way. And according to the needs of your brand, this platform offers you 3 different packages with different prices.

2. Blackboard

This is one of the most popular platforms in recent years, it is one of the most popular and one of the highest rated, for its user instructions and creative design it has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Another advantage of this webinar platform is the security it provides to companies due to its method of encrypting meetings, which prevents any hacking. It allows a 30-day free use before starting with payments so you can test its functions.

3. Zoom

This platform became very popular during the quarantine of 2020, when the face to face was impossible if it was not done through a camera and a screen. All kinds of companies, schools and even individuals bet on this platform that tried to make normal life within its possibilities at home. It allows both group and private video calls. It has a unique feature that is what attracts the young audience, it allows sharing live videos with other users. It has a free plan for individual use that supports up to 50 screens in the same room, it also has economic options for large companies.

4. Google Hangouts

Google has Hangouts: its own version for webinars. The advantages of this platform are that it is completely free, it can be used on any device, a very important one is that it has no limit of participants and finally, something also very advantageous is that the transmissions are uploaded directly to the youtube channel that you have linked, which is a great alternative among influencers, the video is automatically uploaded without the need to record / save it and then upload it.

5. Demio

This is one of the best platforms to start with because it is not only intuitive but also minimalist, so it guarantees a fluid and simple communication between the company and the clients. It also has private chat options and good video quality. What makes it a more complete product is the option to automate the sessions, apart from making them live. It has three payment plans that are distinguished according to the number of attendees allowed per session.

6. Adobe Connect

Just like Google with Google Hangouts, Adobe has also wanted to bring out its own webinar platform, like everything that goes with the Adobe name, this platform guarantees constant innovation and its characteristic stability. It is one of the most stable platforms, but be careful, because it is also the most complicated of this list, it is not as intuitive or as simple as the rest but it is very focused on the education sector. Controlling the Adobe package, it will not be difficult to control this new tool.

7. Youtube

Finally, a simple but safe option is the youtube option to broadcast live, which already existed before the boom of webinars. It is very simple as you only need to create a youtube channel and you can broadcast for free. Although its design is not as impressive as the others nor has as many exclusive features, it is a platform that contains basic tools to broadcast. Considering that I feel such a well-known platform, it can boost your business. For influencers and anyone who is dedicated to social networks being a known face is very useful as you are directly broadcasting on a social network where users can interact with you live.

But then, which one wins?

In short, it is impossible to proclaim one of these platforms as the winner, as each one has different functions and offers different services, in order to choose one you have to take into account what it has and what it doesn't have to see which one would best suit the needs of your company or your business.

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