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Improve your marketing with Occam Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid

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are you still not clear on what Inbound Marketing is all about? Would you like to know if your business is also ideal for applying this methodology? Request your consultancy and find out for sure!

Just a few months ago, at Occam we embraced this trend to include it in our service offering for a very clear reason: the world is becoming more and more Inbound, as evidenced by the report published by HubSpot, where 75% of companies have as a priority the conversion of contacts or sales opportunities into customers. And that can only be achieved by following the rigorous steps of a complete marketing strategy.

At Occam, we have already established ourselves as an Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid to help our clients achieve their sales goals, but we keep pace with new trends and support video marketing strategies. In this article you will discover how your company can benefit from the sum of INBOUND + VIDEO.

Give your marketing strategy wings with Occam, your Inbound Agency

The possibilities of how you can attract potential customers and increase visits to your website are endless. Most companies use their channels to raise awareness of their brand, but don't follow all the necessary steps to do so successfully.

Some use SEO, email marketing and blogging techniques separately, and think that this is Inbound, but it is not true. You have to use them together and focus on SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives.

what are you waiting for to centralise all your marketing actions? At Occam, we work with the automation offered by the HubSpot CRM, a tool to centralise all your marketing tasks and track your contacts. Make sure that all users who come to you do so because they are really interested in what you tell them through your blog or social networks. Nobody invests their time in reading content that does not add value, don't you think?

That's why Occam Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid has become the link between any business (without exception) and the most modern marketing.

  • Ithelps you to adapt your ways of selling to new consumer habits.
  • Use tools to attract potential customers, starting with the definition of your buyer persona.
  • Generate valuable content following the stages of the buyer's journey (Discovery, Consideration and Decision) according to the part of the funnel they are in: TOFU, MOFU or BOFU.
  • Increase the presence of your brand wherever the potential customer is present: social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram...), blogs, etc.
  • Optimise the performance of your website, applying Growth Driven Design (GDD) if necessary.
  • Improve your company's relationship with your customers while educating them.
  • Speak the language of the potential customer and connect with them by analysing their demographic characteristics, concerns, objectives, challenges, etc., through the buyer persona.
  • It increases trust and credibility in your brand.
  • And of course, it is much more profitable because it never shoots blindly. An Inbound Marketing agency will know how, where and when it will be more appropriate to offer content to your leads or contact them.

All companies want to improve their activity, attract potential customers and grow, regardless of their size and sector, especially if they are companies that are just starting out and need to gain visibility and make themselves known in the market.

is this your case?

Video, Occam's added value

Video is a powerful audiovisual tool. It informs, entertains and retains data in the viewer's memory. Corporate videos are designed to sell or describe a company, to tell its story and its mission. There is always a video format for every occasion...

  • you haven't introduced yourself to your users yet? Tell them who you are through a corporate video.
  • do you use highly technical knowledge to explain to your audience what you do? Accompany your articles with a 1 minute video and use Motion Graphics to explain how your product works.
  • would you like to compile a compilation of other customers' experiences with your company? Make a testimonial video, it will surely reinforce your company's image and your audience's trust.
  • And if you need to tell about a specific quality of your service offer, forget about FAQs and manuals and create a tutorial video.

There are many ways to tell the world what, how and why you do what you do. Or why they should trust your brand and not another. At Occam we adapt your audiovisual pieces to the context of your potential customers and keep in line with your written content.

Taking into account that more and more companies are joining the digital world -either because they were born as eCommerce, or because they are startups that do not know which way to go, or simply because they are companies with a great track record in the offline world and decide to go digital-, differentiation is essential. Embrace it.

Video is one of the most important keys in the Inbound puzzle: it is the king of communication, the favourite format of your consumers, and it easily adapts to each of the phases they go through in their purchase:

  • In Discovery, a tutorial supported with interesting data will help them resolve their doubts.
  • In Consideration, you can take advantage and show them the latest trends in the sector in the form of a video.
  • In Decision, there is nothing like showing the differential value of your product with images.
  • And in Loyalty, you will have the perfect opportunity to show them your latest promotions in audiovisual format.

The time for Inbound has come for all of us. Stay, we can help you.

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