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How to use video marketing in eCommerce

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Today we're not talking about Inbound Marketing, we're talking about your online business. Yes, the one you've invested so much time and effort in. Are you different from your competitors? What is your strength? What is your Achilles' heel? How do you attract the attention of your audience?

Before you say anything, think about the satisfaction you feel when you fall in love. That crush. That tingle in your stomach. Love moves the world, some say as a cliché, but it also moves marketing. To do this, be attractive, talk well about your products, show your audience that you are someone different and let them decide whether to give you their heart. The hardest part comes next: keeping the flame alive.

Video marketing in eCommerce is the ideal tool to achieve this. We have taken the initiative and now we need you. Are you in?

How to plan a video marketing campaign

Whether it's eCommerce, Bali or Cochinchina, video is an essential piece of the brand puzzle: it improves productivity, effectiveness in message reception, user traffic to the website and promotes engagement.

We owe much of these benefits to the unique characteristics of video marketing and the success of a good campaign:

  • - Analyse every detail before starting your video.

Before embarking on this project you should analyse your company's situation, market position, competition, etc. This will allow you to get to know your audience more precisely.

  • - Know the channels where you will broadcast your video.

It is not a question of choosing the first channel that comes to mind. On the contrary, you should think very carefully about where you are going to share it. Your website should be the first option, but don't forget YouTube or Vimeo, they are also good options. As the Director of Inbound Training, Zach Basner, said at the Ibound 2020 event: "YouTube will be a powerful machine for generating sales opportunities in the coming years".

  • - Choose the format and type of video.

It all depends on your objectives: Corporate video to present your brand values in a simple, truthful and close way. Motion Graphics, if you want to transmit complex ideas in an easy way. In case you want to transmit visual information in a matter of seconds, animated GIFs will be your best option.

Training pills and tutorials are for when you want to distribute knowledge easily. The testimonial, to transmit confidence. Video event for the next meeting with your suppliers, your first meeting with the community of users or even a promotional action.

360º, with the aim of observing life from another dimension without letting anything slip through your fingers. It is widely used in events, hotels, exhibitions, tourist businesses, iconic spaces... Imagine all the power of graphic creativity added to the navigability and interactivity of 360 degrees in social networks.

do you want to take your eCommerce a step further? Have you heard of corporate fiction? A webseries can provide the originality, chemistry and positioning you need. Make it fun! And if you are going to present a service, launch a campaign or capture a specific audience, a promo is great. You will reach the audience in an impactful way, and achieving your marketing objectives on online platforms will be much easier.

There are as many videos as you have in mind, the most important thing is to be clear about your goals.

  • - Clear and concise messages.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And a video, much more. Remember that one of the objectives of the format is to transmit complex concepts easily. Therefore, clarity and conciseness must be present at all times. This is something that the famous Snack Ads and Bumper Ads know very well, the result of the constant struggle for the user's attention. Differentiating yourself with video is good. It is the format that you love, the most consumed and it flows on its own.

are you up for it?

10 quick tips to get the most out of your YouTube videos

Now that we're talking about video marketing in eCommerce, it doesn't hurt to remember those tips that Roberto Blake, founder, Create Awesome Media, dedicated to us at the Inbound 2019 event:

  1. Focus your content on a specific niche, what's yours?
  2. Analyse your audience: Who watches, listens and buys?
  3. Write an attractive title. First impressions count, and a lot.
  4. Don't forget the main image- it's what attracts the click!
  5. Create quality content that is worth reading and viewing.
  6. Follow a good content strategy. Plan, plan, plan, plan.
  7. Optimise your video for search. What's the point of having the best video in the world if no one is there to see it?
  8. Publish to impact and inspire your audience.
  9. Study the analytics, then work with them and use them to make good decisions.
  10. Monetise the channel.

Times change. Trends evolve.

Snack Ads and Bumper Ads: the fight for attention

Now that you know how to use video marketing in your eCommerce, we want to focus on capturing attention. How do you do it? What techniques do you use? Getting into the user's mind is your first task, says the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler.

At first, it seems simple. Just talking about your skills or anything else that interests the other party is enough. However, things are changing and consumers are (we are) becoming more and more difficult to persuade and win over. With so many choices and offers on the market, we become more and more demanding. We want different experiences. We want to feel something new. And that's how we land on the goal of keeping the flame alive.

Snack Ads and Bumper Ads are short videos that are born with this objective in mind. They know that we have a more demanding audience than ever before. More perfectionist and more delicate. This format has been trending for a couple of years now because it gives a lot of life to ephemeral content - 6 to 10 seconds, or even less. Enough to leave you drooling.

let's talk about your project, tell us your ideas, we'll bake them and toast to a result adapted to your eCommerce.

It's not magic, it's video marketing.

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