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LSI keywords: what they are and how they impact on your SEO

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To understand SEO positioning, you need to know what keywords are and vice versa. SEO positioning and keywords are two concepts that would not be understood without each other as they give rise to the optimal performance of our website. But, "what are keywords?" you may ask yourself and more specifically you will want to know, "what are the lsi keywords? If so, stay and read this post, we will tell you all about it!

what are LSI keywords?

Keywords, as we already know, are the keywords that we use in SEO positioning so that Google positions us in a better position related to the search terms. But, what are the lsi keywords? Well, its meaning comes from "Latent Semantic Indexin" which in English would mean something like "Latent Semantic Indexing". We know, you have not understood anything with the literal translation into English of these words, so we are going to give you another definition so you understand what exactly this term refers to.

In a simple way, we can define LSI keywords as the words that help Google to know what content is being talked about on our website .

As we already know, Google is not able to understand by itself the content of our website, nor to know if it is of quality or not, especially if it is written in Spanish (Google is developed in English). That is why the search engine uses LSI keywords to know what our website is about and to show it when users search for related terms.

For example, and so that you understand it better, imagine you have a blog that talks about cooking recipes. The keyword of your website will probably be "recipes". However, we also want to appear when the user searches for terms related to recipes that we have. So we will use the LSI keywords recipes, baking, cooking, vegetables... to help Google to better understand our website and not only position us based on the main keyword.

You will have been able to deduce from this that the importance of LSI keywords is fundamental for your website as it will help Google understand what appears on your website and show you as a search result. In this way, and continuing with the example, if we have a recipe for paella and we include paella in our LSI keywords, Google will show us to users when they search for this term and not only when they search for recipes in general.

Googlebots will be in charge of selecting our content to position us, so we must make it as easy as possible for them.

In general terms, what LSI keywords are looking for is to create an "ecosystem of words" so to speak, in which all the words related to our website are included and can be used for SEO positioning .

How to obtain LSI keywords

However, in order to obtain words related to our main keyword, we don't have to do it alone. There are tools that can help us to obtain the LSI keywords necessary to improve our positioning in Google.

  • One of them is the Keyword Planner from Google Adwords, which will not give us everything ready-made, but will provide us with a lot of keywords from which we will have to select those that can help us and set aside those that cannot .
  • It is also very fashionable to use free online tools, such as Keyword Shitter. The disadvantage of these platforms is that many times these tools will give us keywords completely similar to ours but with a different ending (long tails). For example, if our keyword is "video games", the platform will offer us keywords such as: "video games for children", "fun video games", etc. That is, it will offer us keywords from our keyword as extensions, it will not offer us our own words such as "console", "streaming", etc.
  • One of the best tools that will offer us LSI keywords related to our main keyword without making an extension of it is SEMrush through its "related keywords" report. It will do it automatically and will offer us an infinite number of possibilities that we can use for our website.

How important are LSY keywords in our SEO positioning?

As we have already mentioned throughout the post, the LSY keywords will be essential for our SEO positioning.

To know if a site is of quality or not, Google will look at many factors; one of them will be to know if the keywords that our website is related to really refer to what is being discussed in it. Therefore, the LSI keywords offer us the possibility of giving Google not only a main keyword, but many others that are related to our content and that can be a related search term with which it can position us in the first search results. After all, the SEO positioning seeks to appear in the first search results when users search for content related to our keywords .

When we enter a website and we start reading, for example, a post that is related to the terms we have searched for, we will start to ask ourselves, as we read, what those words want to convey. Well, Google does exactly the same.

For example, if you have searched for a post about basketball, you may see a post that does not contain the word basketball as such but others such as "basket", "player"... This is because Google has been able to relate the concepts "basketball" and "basket" and know that a website that deals with the keyword "basket" is related to basketball. This is thanks to the LSI keywords .

The good thing about the arrival of LSI keywords is that we no longer have to constantly repeat our keyword to Google. In relation to the example above, we will not need to include in all our posts "basketball team", "our basketball team", etc. Instead, Googlebots will understand the related terms and it will be easier for them to position us and more beneficial for us.

This does not mean that the main keywords are no longer as essential as they have always been, but now we can integrate them in a more organic way in the text, thanks to the LSI. That is, thanks to the semantic family of the keyword, Google understands better and better what we are talking about. Without having to adapt our texts to the preferences of the algorithm, the language becomes more natural, more human.

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