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Long tail keywords: what are they and why are they so useful?

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In the world of SEO, keywords are a fundamental part of content writing, and knowing which ones to use is very important, but you know how difficult it is to bid on the same keywords or general and very popular keywords.

But surely you know how difficult it is to bet on the same keywords or general and very popular keywords, as these have a lot of competition and if you intend to bid for them, they have a higher cost. This is where the so-called long tail keywords come in, as with them you can improve traffic to your content.

The choice of keywords is an essential task within your content strategy, so you should not leave this task lightly. Keep reading this article to learn all about what long tail keywords are and why they are useful for your digital marketing strategies.

why are long tail keywords important?

Long tail keywords are those keywords that instead of using a single term, use a combination of several words in order to make a more specific search. Therefore, when we talk about long tail, we refer to the use of very specific search terms, using several words. For example, "women's hiking shoes" would be a perfect example of a long tail keyword.

The use of this type of keywords is a strategy widely used in recent years in content marketing, as it has been proven to be effective in search engine positioning.

Obviously, they will not bring you as much traffic, but they are easier to position, and if you are going to bid for them, they are cheaper because the competition is lower.

In addition, being a very specific search increases the possibility of conversion. Let's give you an example, if the user searches for trainers, he is looking in general, but if he enters "women's shoes for walking in the mountains", it is because he is interested in that specific product.

why are they so important?

Long tail keywords, although they do not have a high search volume because they are very specific search terms, they do have a higher conversion rate.

Continuing with the example of the previous section, if the user searches for "trainers", it is most likely that he is simply looking or searching for information. On the other hand, if the search is "women's shoes for walking in the mountains", it is understood that the user knows what he wants and therefore, if he finds it, he will buy it. Therefore, if when performing such a specific search your product comes up, the user will choose you, so the conversion rate is higher. If you only bet on trainers, you will have much more competition.

Long tail words are important because they bring you traffic interested in buying, they are easier to position, and also, being cheaper, you can invest more in your SEO strategy.


why are they useful to increase your web traffic and conversions?

We have mentioned it in the previous points, but we are going to explain the main reasons why they are easier to position:

  • They are easier to position.The main keywords, such as trainers, have a great competition, since most companies in the sector will bet on it. But betting on the long tail also helps you to position the main keyword, since it appears in the term.
    In addition, user queries, in general, if they are very general, it is because they are not at the purchasing stage, they are not ready to convert.
  • As we have told you throughout this article,they are very specific terms, which means that the user is ready to make a purchase, they need to find what they are looking for.
    It attracts to your website your ideal customer, the one that fits perfectly with your brand, while the user searching for a general word, might be in the research phase and weighing up the different options.
  • High conversion rate: You have seen that this type of keyword tends to attract users who are in the final stage of the funnel. In digital marketing, users who are in this stage are also known as warm leads, which is why it is your perfect opportunity to respond to their search, either with the product they are looking for or with content that responds to their query.
    Long tail words attract quality traffic to your website and because they are in the last phase, the conversion rate increases because they find what they are looking for on your site.
  • Less expensive advertising:If you are bidding on keywords, long tail keywords will help you make a better investment, they are less competitive and therefore have a lower cost per click (CPC).
    If you use Google Ads for your advertising campaigns, bidding on long tail keywords will make your ads cost less.

Keywords are a key point in the world of SEO, and if you are looking for a better positioning in search engines you should do a good keyword research.

Throughout this post we have told you what they are and their importance and usefulness, but now it's your turn. Try using these keywords in your website and content and see for yourself the results. Remember that their search volume is lower, so we recommend you not to get frustrated, and take it with patience.

we hope you've enjoyed reading this and have no doubts on the subject!

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