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Lead Nurturing: how to create a good strategy for your business

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In order to establish a good strategy for our business model, it is important to take into account Lead Nurturing. To define this concept, we must first know what a lead is.

what is a lead?

A lead is the potential customer of our business. We understand as such a customer who has shown special interest in the products that our company offers. Let's take the example of a physical shop; the lead is the person who visits the shop and who has contacted a shop assistant because he/she is interested in one of the products that we offer.

This potential customer or lead can be converted into a regular customer, thus guaranteeing the customer's future loyalty to the brand.

If we take it to the world of digital marketing or inbound marketing, a lead is the user who has accessed our website and through a click or a form, has left all their contact information at our disposal.

However, if we add the word "nurturing" to this concept, its meaning is transformed exponentially.

what is Lead Nurturing?

The literal translation of the word "nurturing" into Spanish means "nourishing", and when accompanied by the word lead, the word itself indicates that what it literally means is "nurturing the potential customer".

And it is here that we find a key point in our business strategy in relation to leads: we must feed the customer if we want him to remain our customer.

Having said all this, we can now detect what Lead Nurturing is: Lead Nurturing is an essential technique of inbound marketing that serves to nurture your leads and convert them and make them loyal to your company.

It is mainly based on valuable relationships with our leads, with the aim of accompanying them during their buying process.

It is, in a way, the relationship or link that exists between the marketing and sales departments. Thanks to marketing, we create and build valuable relationships with our users, regardless of the stage of the purchasing process they are at. And it is this team in charge of building relationships that passes all this information on to the sales team, which is responsible for completing the conversion.

It is not only important to know the user, but also to determine where they are in the buying process, so that we can offer them content that will not make them lose interest in our company, and that they will eventually make a final purchase decision.

Thanks to Lead Nurturing, we can nurture the relationship with our leads, increase the conversion rate and make them loyal to our brand. With this technique, the leads will be ready to move on to the sales team of our business. They may not be ready for a final purchase, but the mere fact of showing interest and starting a conversation with the customer is important for Lead Nurturing to come into play. It is at this stage when this strategy becomes evident, which, if done correctly, can provide you with an important advantage.

Lead nurturing is a vital opportunity to develop your brand, learn more about your customer's interests and improve your business.

3 steps to creating a good lead nurturing strategy

Getting a user to leave you their details and become a lead is already an important step, but getting from there to the final conversion is still a long way to go. Developing a good lead nurturing strategy will help to optimise and automate this journey, ensuring that our leads receive the messages they need at the right time.

We are going to talk about 3 steps that we consider important to create a good Lead Nurturing strategy:

  1. Online presence

This is a fundamental requirement, without which it cannot work. The inbound marketing technique is based on attracting users to a particular brand. This will be possible as long as our company has a very high online presence, which will ensure that the user can access all the information they need to know about the company. Two important points:

  • Having an optimised and well-structured website on the Internet. A well-organised website will ensure that the user can navigate through it in such a way that they can find everything they need easily. A good user experience will increase the likelihood of conversion. Furthermore, an optimised website that can appear to the user when they search for it is a fundamental factor.
  • Social networks: In addition to the website, our company must have all the necessary social networks so that the customer can contact us if they have any questions or need to talk to us. Nowadays, a good presence on social networks is essential for the brand image and the relationship with our customers.

  1. Good communication with customers

Having a good online presence is essential for the customer to get in touch with us. But communication should not be one-way, we must also nurture our relationship with leads through active communication. We can achieve this through different ways:

  • Email campaigns: Email marketing campaigns guarantee direct communication with the user, not only by offering them our products directly, but also by providing them with information about our company that may invite them to want to know more about our brand.
  • Quality content: It is very important not to neglect our content, always providing quality information that the customer may find interesting.
  • Valuable products. We must focus our attention on the product catalogues that we offer to users. After all, they are also one of the most eye-catching tools for users.

  1. Lead qualification system

One of the important aspects of Lead Nurturing is the leads themselves, and we must appreciate that not all of them are the same, and that each one thinks in a different way. This will also influence the way we deal with one or the other. The qualification of these leads is usually done through lead scoring, and different aspects must be taken into account:

  • The level of interaction and knowledge that the user has with our company: a user who is constantly on our website is not the same as another who has appeared two or three times.
  • If they are close to our ideal customer profile, clearly defining the buyer persona will help us to decide what type of users we should focus on.
  • The stage of the buyer's journey they are in : a user who has just accessed our website is not the same as one who is ready to make a purchase.

In conclusion, Lead Nurturing is essential to make the potential client or lead willing to make the final purchase. It is a tool that guarantees the relationship between the lead and the company, and that can positively affect our business strategy.

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