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Learn about the advantages of HubSpot CMS

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First of all, do you remember what a CMS is? It is the abbreviation for Content Mangement System, that is, a system used to create, organise and present content quickly and easily, without needing programming knowledge. HubSpot' s CMS is a very powerful Inbound Marketing tool to manage your content strategy. If you want to learn about its sales, you just have to join us in this post.

let's get to it!

HubSpot CMS as an Inbound Marketing tool

When we use this methodology, we are only interested in capturing the right traffic. Millions of visits from users who are not interested in the content we publish or in the products and services we offer are useless, don't you think? The ideal users, known as buyer personas, are those on which we focus our marketing strategies.

Tools like SemRush, BuzzSumo or are often used to work on attracting potential customers. However, when it comes to managing the content of our blog or social networks, we need something more. HubSpot is much more than a platform or software that integrates a lot of online marketing tools. It is also an excellent content manager that allows you to boost your website and help you grow better.

5 advantages of HubSpot CMS

As you already know, the Inbound methodology consists of making the user find you instead of looking for them, and content is a fundamental pillar of the strategy. Don't miss the advantages of HubSpot's content management system:

  1. Easy: You don't need to install any software, HubSpot is a Software as a Service (SaaS) very easy to use.
  2. Flexible, especially from a design point of view.
  3. Up to date: Being a SaaS, it is constantly being improved and receiving updates automatically.
  4. Usable: It is easy to use and provides a quality experience to the companies that use it. Its effectiveness is measured in the relationship between this tool and those who use it.
  5. Fast: It is perfectly integrated with the rest of the online marketing tools (newsletters, forms, RRSS, CTAs, landing pages, etc.), which provides quality and a joint vision to gain speed in management.

If you are thinking of implementing HubSpot CMS in your company, it is important to bear in mind that it is an online marketing tool. However, you must be very clear about your needs, as the CMS is not essential to be able to use the rest of the tools offered by HubSpot software.

when to use HubSpot's content management system?

This content management software is a perfect system to manage all the contents of your website, have SEO tools to measure the impact of your publications, create pages or landing pages within the blog, schedule posts whenever you want, manage files and domains, create forms, CTAs and lead flows, web analysis reports, etc.

See if you need it too by taking a look at the following scenarios:

  • When you implement an Inbound Marketing strategy. Content is a vital piece in the development of an Inbound strategy, as it is the vehicle through which we will provide value to the user and attract organic traffic to the website. With HubSpot CMS you will be able to plan the creation, publication and administration of posts or other content, as well as update and schedule them.
  • When you work with a blog, to publish and manage content, as well as to support and complement it with other tools. It will provide you with rationality and efficiency, good performance, self-management of the blog with content experts, technical support, integration of social networks, etc. Easy, convenient and simple.
  • When your website needs to be constantly updated, the CMS will provide you with the optimisation and agility that your website needs. If you are going to publish content daily, weekly or monthly, a content management system will make the management and publication process much easier.
  • When your website needs flexibility combined with the power to create a unique customer experience, with HubSpot you will also have other tools to create professional websites (report generator, drag and drop editor, chat, formalios and bots, adaptive testing, reports and intelligent content...), design personalised experiences, security, etc.

need to boost your website with a CMS? Get started now.

why HubSpot and not another CMS?

Thanks to all the integrated applications that HubSpot presents, companies can attract and satisfy their customers with unique and personalised experiences. Not only does it give you the opportunity to use its content management system, but also a multitude of marketing, sales and customer service (CRM) tools to make your strategy a success.

HubSpot's content management system is the perfect optimisation hub to manage all phases of the flywheel from one place, adding CTAs, designing adaptive navigation experiences and personalising content.

ready to give it a try?

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