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what have I learned with Hubspot?

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and now what, they all ask themselves. And now who, I ask myself. I guess that's how the Inbound methodology was born. From a couple of questions. From a couple of doubts. From the tiredness of professionals anchored in the old marketing methods that, even today, still maintain prayer as the most direct path to a sales opportunity.

what role does Hubspot play in Inbound Marketing?

Nothing could be further from the truth, because just a few weeks ago, I hadn't even heard of Inbound Marketing. That's precisely where Hubspot came into play, "the software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert them into leads and finally into customers". With it, I have acquired every little detail I can talk about today with regard to Inbound, from its definition to its practice. However, there is still a long way to go.

Qué he aprendido de Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Efficient, but patient. Delayed, but with value. Without selling you, but looking for a sales opportunity. Without praying, but without losing faith in the value of the content. This is how I could define Inbound Marketing, a term capable of doing business online, but, above all, a method that does not lose sight of its main target: you. That person who is looking for exactly what we offer. We, with our content, cover the exact niche by providing quality value that attracts those who want to be there, with our company and with our products, almost as if it were a connection between two parties destined to meet.

First steps in the Inbound methodology by Hubspot

In this way, Hubspot has not only taught me but also allowed me to take my first steps in the Inbound methodology. It has made me understand that email can be used for much more than I had previously thought, but, above all, it has instilled in me that the content you generate must merge into a single piece together with the interests of your customers. Like a kind of magic with the power to attract traffic in a natural way, a traffic capable of converting, closing and being satisfied over time. Now, why have the ways of selling changed? Simply because the ways of buying have changed.

In short, we are talking about content and value, two very different realities against the same backdrop: marketing.

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