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Importance of online CRO in a marketing strategy

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In any good marketing strategy, the primary objective is to convert, any business wants users who come to your page, become leads or customers. To achieve this we have the CRO, if you still do not know what it is and the importance it has within marketing, read on!

what is CRO?

The CRO, "Conversion Rate Optimization", is a set of techniques whose objective is to get the largest number of users who visit a website to become records or customers. For this reason it is one of the primary strategies for online marketing and specifically for inbound marketing. This type of projects consisting of an online business, whose main objective is to get anonymous people to become potential customers, who give their data within the page, data that the business itself uses to its advantage.

In short, CRO is simply about optimising the conversion rate.

what is the conversion rate? We'll explain that too.

It is the percentage of users who perform a specific action (buy, register, etc.), this conversion rate is obtained by dividing the number of goals achieved by the total number of visits multiplied by 100. It is one of the most important KPIs in ecommerce.

For example, if out of 200 visits, only 2 people buy your product, the conversion rate would be only 1%. It seems a low percentage but the average conversion rate is between 1% and 3%.

The 5 phases of CRO

To achieve this conversion, CRO is divided into 6 fundamental phases:

  1. Problem analysis
    Any CRO process has to start by analysing the website, in this one what we get in key is to find out what aspects can be improved to increase the conversion rate. On the one hand we analyse the behaviour of users within the website and on the other hand, the quantitative data that we get, such as the number of sessions, the bounce rate or the number of pages viewed.

  2. Putting forward a hypothesis
    When we have finished with the exhaustive analysis of the factors that are failing within our website, it is time to propose working hypotheses. For example: if we have a high bounce rate, we may have to consider the speed of our website. It is a hypothesis, it may be that we are losing users because our website takes a long time to load and they decide to abandon it before it even finishes loading.

  3. Test
    It is time to check if the hypotheses we have raised are right or wrong, for that we put tests in place to corroborate it.

  4. Propose solutions

    Once we have the results of the different tests, we move on to propose improvements, we already know what is failing on our website and what is not, so we already have material to start proposing solutions for the conversion of our website.

  5. Implement solutions
    We already know what is wrong with our website and how to solve it, now we just need to put all these ideas into practice, and we will do that by implementing the solutions we thought of in the previous point.

  6. Analysis of results
    Once we have proposed the solutions and we have carried them out, we have to extract the results and analyse them to check that they are bearing fruit and that we are managing to achieve the conversion objectives.

The importance of CRO in the marketing project

Having a good CRO strategy in your project and in your website is paramount, it represents an idea of continuous improvement. If you frequently optimise the conversion of your website, it will be a long term success, that is, you are not going to get many conversions at first, but you will achieve a progressive growth over a long period of time.

Thanks to this we will improve our website in different aspects, for example, in positioning, if google sees that we are improving our site for users, it will place us in the top positions.

Another reason why CRO is important for your business is the savings it implies, both in costs and in time and effort, because what we are using are techniques that, in the long term, increase the conversion rate according to your objectives.

Advantages of CRO

  1. Optimise traffic
    If you offer the user what they have come to your website for, what you will achieve is to attract only a quality audience, that is, there is a much higher chance of conversion when the audience comes to you because they want exactly what you offer. And this is achieved by providing a good user experience. Communication with them is paramount to achieve this, so add chatbots or any means of communication so they can talk directly to you.

  2. Increase profit
    Another of the great advantages of CRO is that as it is a process by which you get long-term results, you invest less than with another strategy, so, being lower cost, you increase the profit and profitability of your business.

  3. You know your buyer persona better
    You not only know who your ideal customer is within your company, but thanks to CRO you can analyse their behaviour, you can know what interests them on your website, which sections they never enter, what they spend more time on when they are on your website, etc. If you know your users well, what you will achieve is to optimise your website to their liking, and so you will make them want to enter your site and convert them.

  4. There is no such thing as advertising investment

    With advertising, what we get is that a large amount of traffic comes to our website, the bad thing about this advertising is that the vast majority of the public that we attract does not convert, because it is not what they were looking for. However, if we have made a good CRO strategy, we will get that traffic that comes to our page are potential customers.

In short, what we get thanks to the CRO is to generate more profits in the long run in our business, which will be very profitable for the company, and this by investing less means, less money and getting much more visibility and traffic. The CRO is one of the most important elements because it affects the most valuable thing we have in our business, the conversions.

So don't hesitate a second longer and start investing in CRO, the benefits will appear in less time than you think. Optimise your site!

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