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how does YouTube monetisation work?

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Youtube is one of the most successful platforms in recent years, this is due to the large number of companies and individuals who are starting to bet on it to grow and promote themselves. Because of this, the number of users who spend time on the platform consuming hours and hours of videos is also increasing.

But, do we really know how monetisation works on Youtube? In this post we are going to tell you all about Youtube and its monetisation methods.

why use Youtube in my marketing strategy?

There is a long list of reasons why you should include videos on the youtube platform in your marketing strategy and after reading them you will start planning your youtube marketing strategy.

  1. We can say that the first reason why it is beneficial to include youtube in your marketing strategy is the amount of users it has all over the world. Every day more users join the platform and the existing ones consume more hours of video. So being on Youtube you are reaching a huge amount of audience, the traffic on your videos can be huge.

  2. You reach your target audience in a much simpler way, with the content itself you are already segmenting the audience, including the keywords in the headline, description and others, we can reach exactly who we want to reach.

  3. The image of your brand will also improve exponentially, your followers will be able to see what the values of your brand are, they will recognise you with your logo and after that you will be able to show yourself to your users.

  4. You generate valuable content, users value a video more than a text because they know the work behind it, the same happens with Google, and by generating this content you can upload it to other channels, generating content for all of them.

  5. Perfect for your products, i.e., users are more inclined to buy what you are offering them if they can see, even if it is in a video, how it works and how the product is, you are providing a great confidence to the customer in your brand.

  6. Another of the great advantages that Youtube has is the ability to broadcast live, thanks to this function we will be communicating directly with our consumers and users and we can have a feedback of what they think of the product or brand.

Monetisation of Youtube

Once we have seen what Youtube brings to our strategy, let's talk about monetisation, how to monetise and how it works.

When it comes to monetisation, you can monetise all the videos on Youtube, the only requirement is that you have the rights to their commercial use, i.e. the songs, the dialogues, the videos you have added already recorded by third parties, etc. So, in other words, if you are the creator of your content 100%, you will have all the commercial rights to it. This applies to any video on Youtube, as it is a platform that takes copyright and ownership of content very seriously.

Requirements to monetise on Youtube

  • No nudity or sexual content.
  • No hate speech.
  • No threats.
  • No copyright infringement.
  • Do not promote bullying.
  • Not contain anything harmful or violent.
  • Not violate anyone's privacy.

So if you are creating content for Youtube that you want to monetise, you must be very careful with all these criteria as you are not contributing anything positive to the world. It is also important not to devote your videos to spam or misleading advertising as it would still be harmful to your audience.

how to activate monetisation on Youtube?

  1. Go to your YouTube channel
  2. Go to the icon in the top right corner and then go to "Youtube Studio"
    youtube studio
  3. Look for the "Monetisation" option in the left panel


  4. Here you can check if your channel is eligible to join the Youtube Partner Program and if it is, submit your application.

how does monetisation work?

Quite simply, YouTube monetisation depends on the amount of clicks on the ads and the amount of time people watch the ads, this is done on a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis.

what does this mean? Well, for every 1000 views, the youtuber earns a certain value, it is done in dollars and is estimated between U$0.60 and U$5.00. It may not seem much at first glance, but a large channel can reach a large number of views, which generates a very interesting profit.

Some time ago, YouTube had to take action on the restriction criteria because large brand advertisements were appearing in offensive videos.

But what are these criteria? The truth is that these criteria are still a big unknown because the algorithm is still unclear.

  • Reach 1,000 subscribers in the Partner Program.
  • Have a minimum of 4,000 hours of viewing in the last year.
  • Produce content in accordance with the requirements of the platform.

how to make a good monetisation?

Once we are clear about the advantages of Youtube, and how monetisation works, let's establish how to get a good monetisation step by step:

  1. Produce good content
    This is an essential step not only to get that relevance and reach a large number of followers, if you offer good quality content, you will retain your audience. That is why Youtube Analytics is an excellent ally to achieve this because with it you will understand which videos attract more attention in your profile, thus being able to produce more material and get more views.

  2. Use AdSense
    This is Google's ad platform, you just need to create an account and, simply by logging into Ads regularly, you will be able to monitor the revenue generated by your channel.

  3. Advertise directly
    You can also add advertising directly into your video, but for this you have to be very careful because if you fill your video with advertising, users will not want to consume it and will feel invaded and irritated.

  4. Act like an influencer
    This way you will get your subscribers more involved, they will feel more comfortable and they will trust you more in this way.

Once we know all this, it is very easy to monetise on Youtube, do you have a channel and you still don't monetise? Don't wait any longer and create your digital marketing strategy with Youtube and monetise.

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