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how does visual marketing help my business strategy?

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If you have two hamburgers in front of you, you are not going to choose the one that is better, because you don't know it yet, you will decide to take the one that looks better, if one of them has wilted lettuce and a flattened bun, even if it is actually the one that is better, you would not choose it at first sight.

Well, this happens with everything, even with websites, at the moment of attracting customers, the most important thing is the appearance, the colours and everything that the potential customer can perceive at first glance. That is why companies strive to create products that are visually attractive, to achieve this, the best way is to develop a visual marketing strategy.

what is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of adding visual elements to your digital marketing campaigns that communicate something specific about your brand, thus, including video and images, what you get is that your advertising gets more impact on the public. In short, visual marketing is to impact your audience through attractive images in order to convey messages in a faster and more attractive way. Not only serves to communicate a message simply as you would do through a text, visual marketing serves to build trust, in other words, seduces the viewer.

why take the plunge? 5 benefits of visual marketing.

The first reason why you should use visual marketing in your marketing strategy is the huge growth that is taking all visual content on the Internet, in data, has increased in the last 7 years by 9900%, which implies a huge growth that no one would have imagined 7 years ago. This increase is due to the great change we are experiencing in the pace of life, increasingly frenetic and less time, users are 24 hours a day bombarded with information, overinformation is the daily bread in the XXI century. So what Internet users want is an easy to digest information and that does not take much time, such as a short explanatory video.

In case you are still not convinced, here is a list of the advantages that visual marketing can bring to your business.

  1. Less is more
    Yes, this does not only apply to make-up. In very little time, less than an internet user would spend reading an article, you can include a lot of information. It is much easier for users to process images and audio than to process text. This also implies a higher retention, video and images stick more in the memory of your potential customer than text. In short, this is a great advantage because using less time, you are managing to offer more information and the user will retain it for longer. All advantages!

  2. Positioning

    Google has always rewarded valuable content, an image or a video implies a more elaborate work behind, so we can say that images contribute to SEO, not only for this, but many Internet users already choose a video as a viewing preference before the text, so through this screening we get positioned in the top positions, because we get rid of those search results that do not contain video. Linking your videos to Youtube will also help them to be positioned in the top positions.

  3. Connection with the customer
    It will create an emotional bond with the customer that is not created with text, a video has much more capacity to move, if all your competitors are also dedicated to making videos, you will have to offer your audience something different to get their attention over your competition, and knowing who is behind a brand and what their values are is a more than good idea to capture the attention of Internet users.

  4. Affordable price

    This type of marketing does not involve spending a large amount of money to get what you want, originality and creativity are implicit in the person, with effort and a good research work, you will get a good idea to show your content and the video part does not have to be too expensive, which can be verified knowing that small businesses are increasingly using this video strategy and do not spend large amounts of money on it.

  5. Increases engagement
    Whether we want to assume it or not, users read less and less, and appreciate visual marketing, this can be seen in the effectiveness of all kinds of videos, gifs, illustrations ... Giving your audience what they want, you will increase engagement and you will stay in their Top Of Mind.

Having seen the benefits and knowing the reasons why you should carry out a visual marketing strategy, now it is time to explain how.

how should I optimise my visual marketing strategy? 5 tips.

  1. Website
    Si el usuario al entrar en tu página web encuentra un diseño atractivo y un contenido visual agradable en el que se puedan encontrar fotografías, logos, vídeos… es mucho más probable que se quede o que decida comprar que si al entrar en la web encontrara un bloque de texto enorme. Si tu web le parece interesante, la recordará y deseará saber más sobre ella. Así aumenta también la tasa de conversión, incrementándose en un 80% más que si no existieran esos elementos visuales dentro de tu sitio web. Pero no vale cualquier elemento visual, todo tiene que tener sentido dentro de la estética, y sobre todo, debe identificar a tu marca y sus valores. Esto no significa que no pueda existir ni una palabra de texto dentro de tu web, significa que tienes que ser claro y conciso, un título representativo y visual, ayudará a tu web. Podríamos decir que los elementos visuales se integran dentro del marketing de contenidos y ofrecen una mejor experiencia al usuario.

  2. Infographic

    Although it seems that infographics went out of fashion a few years ago, the results are different, they increase user traffic by 12%, static images still have a great ability to attract the public and keep their attention on them for a while. In social networks these infographics are very popular, especially to inform or tell a story. There are also interactive infographics, which greatly help the brand because they get to know more about the users.

  3. Storytelling
    To find out more about storytelling, we tell you all about it here. With it, we manage to connect more emotionally with the potential customer, this makes us more known, which generates great trust and ends up building consumer loyalty because their mental image of our brand is increasingly positive.

  4. Social media

    Within social networks there is a large amount of target audience to attract, for this you need a perfect user experience, in which the content we publish is increasingly attractive to him and he wants to continue consuming it. You can add calls to action to achieve your goal, that the potential customer ends up being a real customer.

    But it is not enough to upload photos and videos to your networks, you have to take care of the quality of these and be updated on new trends. The photos that users post about you also help you, if they upload content about your products and tag your brand, it will be a plus when it comes to optimising your marketing strategy, as you are not simply selling your product, but others are recommending it.

  5. Videomarketing
    And finally and probably the most important, we have the corporate videos, with them we can greatly increase our conversion rate, we generate content that the user likes and that engages to continue viewing content.

In conclusion, visual marketing is a great tool when it comes to optimizing your marketing strategy, something as simple as recording a video or adding quality photographs, can get you to generate much more traffic and increase your conversion and your ROI, so after all these tips and advantages, it is impossible that you do not start right now to optimize your page, check it out!

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