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can Inbound help my company in a crisis situation?

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Putting the words Inbound Marketing and crisis in the same line of a paragraph can take us to many different places: the situation of a company after recovering from a crisis, the crisis of traditional marketing that ends in a new world called Inbound Marketing, situations in which crisis communication is needed, capable of intervening between the fields of management and the art of communication, etc. In any case, today I would like to discuss with you the ways in which the Inbound methodology can help online businesses to recover from a crisis situation.

Just a few years ago, in Spain we were diving into the suburbs of the Great Recession. Millions of companies have lived the consequences of a process that seemed to have no end in sight. Many of them closed their doors, but others are still struggling to recover.

what does Inbound Marketing have to do with all this?

Inbound Marketing after a crisis situation

is the crisis over? This is the question that some Spanish companies are still asking themselves today. The depression left deep scars on their structures: unemployment, precariousness, loss of customers... However, for many of them, Inbound Marketing has opened a path of hope.

Recovering from the damage is always a process that takes time, but the first step to achieve it is to act. They say that nothing takes as long to arrive as what is never started, and this reflection is perfectly applicable to what I am telling you.

Inbound Marketing arrived a few years before the beginning of the economic crisis that Spain has been going through for the last ten years. However, a decade later, this method has become the most direct path to recovery for many businesses, and even the path to growth for all those that have emerged in recent years.

The organisations that survived have now become much stronger thanks to the philosophy of Inbound Marketing: contacting users at the beginning of their buying process and accompanying them until the final transaction. This is possible thanks to the combination of various non-intrusive techniques and the writing of valuable content capable of attracting potential customers.

That is why today we have decided to establish a link between the crisis, companies and Inbound Marketing. Would you like to know more about it? Read on with us.

what are the benefits for companies?

When 2017 ended, the number of affiliates was still at 4%, so there were those who claimed that Spain had not yet emerged from the crisis. Far from entering into this debate, we want to take a look at the main advantages that companies that have opted for the Inbound methodology have experienced after this recovery process:

  1. The first and most direct advantage has been their encounter with a potential audience.
  2. Not only have they managed to recover and win new customers, but they have also converted them into promoters of their brand.
  3. They have managed to simplify the work of the sales and marketing side, so that they have joined forces.
  4. Increased visibility and brandawareness thanks to the digital environment.
  5. They have educated their target audience in the midst of the digital world in which they are developing.
  6. They have increased customer trust and credibility in their brand.
  7. The traffic and leads generated are of quality.
  8. They have improved their relationship with customers and discovered a more cost-effective way to measure their efforts.

do you want to know what our conclusion is?

The world is no longer the same as it was ten years ago, or even three years ago. The world has changed. Technological advances have unquestionably transformed our ways of living, working, buying, selling and consuming. In Spain, we have experienced years of deep crisis, but many companies have managed to rise from the ashes thanks to the Inbound methodology, which consists of attracting, involving, satisfying and building customer loyalty more effectively.

So, to the question: can Inbound Marketing help my company in a crisis situation, the answer is yes.

Your relationship with your customers can last a lifetime.

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