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how to get more MQLs for my inbound strategy?

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There are thousands of marketing strategies in which the goal is to have many visits to the website, sometimes regardless of whether or not these leads are of quality, which ends up leading to a very low conversion. So getting many visits can sometimes be useless. What is really important is the conversion of users. So what we really need to attract to get those desired conversions are MQLs. Do not know what an MQL is? Relax, in this post we will tell you all about them, including how to get them.

what is an MQL?

The acronym stands for Marketing Qualified Lead, these are those leads that have already gone through the first steps of the sales process and are ready to become customers. It is, so to speak, a potential customer already qualified by the marketing team.

To attract these MQLs, the key is segmentation. If we build our buyer persona and we are very clear about our ideal customer, it will be much easier to design the actions that will attract these MQLs.

how do we do this? By carrying out a market research process in which you obtain data on your audience. Thanks to this data, it will be much easier to develop the segmentation and your marketing strategy will be optimised.

These MQLs are in the MOFU (Middle Of the Funnel) phase , i.e. they are in the middle of the sales funnel. They are not a simple lead, but they are not customers yet either.

We can say that MQLs are already interested in your brand and have received the information that we have provided to accompany them in their process. But what we cannot say is that they have taken the final step to become customers. This is the key point on which your inbound marketing strategy must work to get this MQL to become a customer.

what is the difference between an MQL and a lead?

We can say that a lead is a visitor that we manage to attract and that we accompany towards the sale, this would be at the mouth of the sales funnel.

So we cannot say that lead and MQL are the same, the lead would be in the TOFU (Top Of Funnel) phase while the MQL would be in the MOFU phase.

An MQL is an improved lead, which has been taken to the middle of the funnel and is in better conditions and much closer to making a purchase than a lead, we will obtain a customer more easily.

why are MQLs important?

Attracting all types of leads will increase your conversion and your number of sales to exorbitant levels, but we also have to take into account that for this you must segment your audience very well and for this, you have to know very well who your ideal customer is.

MQLs are important for several reasons.

  1. Sales path: MQLs are much further along the sales path than leads, who have not yet shown much interest in our brand.
  2. Database: What MQLs will allow you to do is to increase your database, with them you will have more information about your potential customers and you will be able to offer them more elements that may be of interest to them.
  3. Increase in sales: With MQLs, having an effective strategy for this, what you get is that they make a greater number of purchases, i.e., you build customer loyalty.
  4. Strategy: Since these MQLs are in the middle of the sales process, they allow you to test different strategies with them to find the most effective way to convert them into SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) and turn them into final buyers .
  5. Positioning: You can increase your organic and paid positioning, thanks to directing different contents to your ideal client.
  6. Transmit trust: By carrying out the strategy to convert MQLs into customers, what we are also achieving is to fully transmit the image of your brand, offering your buyer persona solutions to their needs.

how to get more MQLs?

  1. Lead nurturing
    One of the best ways to convert your leads is to nurture them so that they can mature, this is called lead nurturing. This involves accompanying the lead throughout the sales process, to ensure that they become a customer of your brand. In this process you have to invest a lot of time and develop the strategy very well in order to get as many MQLs as possible. If you work the strategy well, you will avoid the problem that a large number of leads never go to the next stage of sale. To achieve this we can use emails or posts with CTAs and links that redirect users to our landing page. Everything from the email to the landing page has to be attractive to the user to attract them to provide their data to the brand and continue their interest in it.
  2. Check box
    These are a tool that allows the user to receive more information of their interest and allows the brand to receive more information from the user. It's a win-win situation! This way you can offer your users exactly the content they want, which will make them have a better image of the brand and trust it more.
  3. Links
    Within your company blog, you can add different CTAs, forms, checkboxes... These will help you to get users' data by exchanging valuable information for them.
  4. TYP (Thank You Page)
    Once users have already downloaded the content they found interesting, there is a marketing strategy that is ideal to finish this process, and that is to take the user to a Thank You Page. Do you know what it consists of?

Although the TYP are usually the forgotten ones, as it is thought that they do not provide anything more than a thank you for having performed a certain action, these pages are another opportunity to continue interacting with the user in question. How do we achieve this?

  • First of all, we must take care of the thank you page as if it were a landing page, but let's not get confused, it must not have the same design, it must have its own personality that differentiates it.
  • Content: This content must contain information that encourages the user to continue reading the page so that they end up wanting to ask for more information. It must be easy to read and not fill it with unnecessary information, as this would cause the user to abandon the page.
  • Form: A good idea is to add a form in which the user can offer us more information and get what he wants, we can offer him more information, an offer related to our products or services or simply extra content.

In short, the visits to our page by users are very important, but they are much more important if the users are qualified leads, as they are much more likely to complete the purchase, which is the real objective of the brand when carrying out this strategy. So do not think twice and follow our tips to increase the traffic of MQLs within your page.

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