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how to get a good SEO ranking in six easy steps?

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If you have an online business or an ecommerce, keep reading, this post is of great interest to you, since the advent of digital marketing, positioning within search engines has become essential to get visits and thus, sales. In this post we tell you everything you need to know about organic positioning and how to get it.

what is SEO positioning?

SEO positioning consists of a series of techniques and tools that are based on improving the visibility of a web page within the different search engines such as Google. It is done organically, that is to say, without paying for it.

There are many factors that a search engine uses to position a page, but there are two of these factors that are basic:

  • Authority: This basically refers to the popularity that the website has, the more popular it is, the more value all the information hosted on it has. This factor, popularity, is based on the experience of the users, as the more they like the content, the more they will share it, and the more they share it, the more popular it will be.
  • Relevance: This is based on the relationship of our page with the search made by the user, but do not think that this algorithm is based only on keywords, there are a lot of factors that determine it.

There are two types of SEO:

  • On-site SEO: This refers to everything that is inside the website, everything that has to do with relevance, so we can say that it focuses on the content of the website, including the keywords, the loading time of the platform itself and the URLs.
  • Off-site SEO: It has to do with everything that is outside the website but still serves to position it, i.e. all factors external to the website. As in the on-site SEO is important the format in which we have the URLs, the off-site SEO focuses mainly on the number and quantity of links, our presence in networks, or in other media and the authority of the brand itself.

But let's stop thinking about SEO, what really matters to us is how to achieve this good positioning, well, here is a list of tricks that will help you achieve it.

  1. Know your users
    This step is really important, you must know who you are targeting in order to create the information corresponding to your audience, remember that your contents solve needs and provide relevant information, it is important to know who your buyer persona is and what they may need.

  2. Blog

    The blog is the essential element in SEO positioning, not only are you creating content that is relevant to your users, but you are achieving many more things:

    • Brand image: You are improving the image of your brand and reinforcing its identity, with this you are not only improving your SEO positioning, it is also a good strategy for branding, everything is intertwined if you take good care of your content.
    • More links: If your content is valuable and interesting to users, they will share it, and if other blogs link to your content when they see that it is popular among users, you will get your blog to be seen as a reliable source with an excellent reputation.
    • Create relationships: If you link within your blog, other sites will do the same, and not only does it mean that you will be on more blogs, but you are creating a link, supporting you with other companies in your sector, it's a win-win situation for everyone.
  3. Social media
    Going back to the off-line SEO we mentioned before, much of your positioning has nothing to do with what is inside your page, and social networks allow you to establish a relationship with users in a natural way. You are not only gaining visibility, branding also influences again because we achieve a reputation on the web. There are many social networks, you should not only focus your strategy on instagram and facebook, depending on where your target audience is, networks like twitter or TikTok can be of great help. Always think of your followers and create content for them.

  4. Video
    Audiovisual content within your blog will help you much more than you think, not only will you attract a much larger number of users, but they will share your content much more easily than if you have it in text. On the other hand, videos rank very well as google recognizes that there is a work behind and rewards those publications that include video. You can use your videos as a single video publication or add them to other formats, such as the blog, google will position before a post that has included a video before one that does not.

  5. Reinvent yourself
    There are many types of formats in which you can show your content, and there is no one better than another, what there is is one that is best for your strategy, but be careful, this must be changing, you can not focus on a single format. If you remember the first step, you must know your audience, and with this you will know what is their favourite format at all times and for what. If you vary the format in which you show your content, you will also be reaching another audience, which is good for getting new leads.

  6. Don't forget branding
    Branding is essential when it comes to positioning your website in google, if you give visibility to your brand and offer quality with it, your reputation will increase without measure. Having a brand that is known and that users value as a quality brand, you will be sure to be in the top positions without any effort.

There are many ways to position your website on Google, with this list in which we discuss the six most important tips you should have to start, remember, you have to be constant and you will achieve your goals in the long term, but these will be maintained over time. Take good care of your content strategy because in the content is the key to everything and most importantly, know your audience, if you know who they are, what they want and where they are, you will have very easy to position in Google.

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