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How to create a good corporate blog step by step

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Most companies on the market today have a corporate blog, in fact, it has become one of the top priorities for businesses. In addition to creating it, it must be maintained and cared for, so marketers must also think about the frequency of posts to attract their target audience.

Cómo crear un buen blog corporativo paso a paso

The keys to creating a corporate blog

  • If you don't have a corporate website yet, you need tochoose a name that represents your product or service.
  • Decide on the most suitable design. It is important that, when using templates or customised designs, the blog is not only visually attractive, but also highly functional. There must be a good use of white space and a choice of colours that do not disturb the user. Likewise, it is essential that the design is mobile friendly.
  • Know your target audience. Starting to create a corporate blog without knowing your audience is one of the most serious mistakes you have to avoid, for that reason, you must take into account strategies to get to know them. The most effective strategy is to create your buyer persona with a specific profile.
  • Get the most out of your email. Email is one of the most effective channels with which to capture leads and reach your audience more easily. If you want to get your users to visit your blog, you must carry out email marketing strategies. The main objective is to get data and thus be able to send regular communications.
  • Update your content: In order to generate a continuous interest in your audience, you have to offer new things, and this can only be achieved by updating your content.
  • Include a good landing page. The landing page is the page where the user will perform and complete the action of trusting your company. That is why it is essential to have one on the blog. It can be through the download of an ebook that redirects to a landing page, for example.
  • Use CTAs. Conversions occur when there is an appropriate button that calls to action. This button is called CTA (Call to Action) and the actions can be diverse, from subscribe, register, download or buy something. However, if you do not have a proper design, the user will not notice, that is why you must create a call with a clear message that the person understands. That is, the user has to understand what he will get by clicking.
  • Create an original and different corporate blog. You must be original and unique, for example, using humour or appealing to emotions. Also, get to the point and have your own brand identity.

Cómo crear un buen blog corporativo paso a paso

  • User experience is everything. User navigation through your blog should be easy and intuitive. If from the beginning, the person is not able to move and scroll through the site, you are already creating a bad user experience.
  • The frequency of publications should be regular. To organise and plan the frequency of your publications, it is advisable to have an editorial calendar.
  • Choose the right keywords. The choice of keywords will determine the SEO of your blog, so if you want to position yourself in the first options in Google's ranking, you will have to work on them.
  • Interact with users on your blog. Whether it is a comment on a specific topic on your blog, a video, an opinion or criticism, you always have to give feedback to users. If they see a commitment and concern for them, your relationship will be stronger. Also, you will be able to attract potential customers and new leads.
  • Avoid annoying advertising. More and more users are installing Ad Blockers to avoid this type of advertising, especially pop-ups and pop-up windows, so keep this in mind when adding annoying ads to your corporate blog.
  • The more specific a topic is, the better. As with long tail SEO, you need to answer specific questions, so you need to know your buyer persona beforehand to create a quality corporate blog.
  • Make use of a good blogging tool. You must have a good quality platform with which to generate good content. Among the best are WordPress, Blogger or Ghost.
  • Don't forget about social networks. Writing and disseminating are two mandatory actions to make your company known.
  • Define the metrics you are going to use to measure the effectiveness of the blog. You need to measure the average time spent on the page, the number of email subscribers, the total number of pages viewed, the number of unique visitors... You can also analyse organic and social traffic and the best positioned keywords.

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