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how to get a good SEO positioning?

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When you are walking down the street and suddenly you pass by a clothing shop, what is the first thing you see? Isn't it the mannequins in the shop windows that catch your attention? That's right, first we look at what is in the shop window and, if it catches our attention we decide to go in to "take a look" or to buy. Many times we go in without the intention of buying something and we end up doing it. And what does this have to do with getting a good SEO positioning? EVERYTHING. If you want to be in the great online shop window, that is to say in Google, you must perform certain actions in order to get your positioning so good that you not only appear on the first page, but that you are shown first in the results.

By appearing in the first positions, many people will visit your website, that is, the traffic to your website will increase. These visitors could enter just to browse and end up buying your product or purchasing your service. However, to access this opportunity, you must work on your organic positioning and have a strategy as a guide to position yourself. The main objective of the SEO strategy is that your website appears among the first search results in an organic way, that is, without having to pay.

Search results are activated thanks to the indexing and crawling done by Google's robot, also known as "web crawlers", by going through an endless number of options that could mean the solution the user is looking for. The user enters one or a few keywords and immediately gets an answer. Search engines are in charge of giving this answer in the form of web pages that Google considers useful according to the search. But how does Google decide which web pages to show first? Well, for Google to show you first in its results you must have quality content (this is essential) and that has already been consulted repeatedly, among other things.

7 steps to good SEO positioning

To get a good natural positioning in Google there are certain actions that you must put into practice. Keep in mind that since it is an organic positioning, the results you want to get will not be immediate, but they will last. SEO positioning requires a lot of effort and time. We recommend you to be very patient and give your all so that your business prospers. Here we leave you some of the key elements for a good SEO positioning.

1. Know your users

It is important that you know who you are targeting, as each audience has a different way of consuming information. To find out what people are looking for you can use search tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool or Answer the public. The latter only allows you to perform three searches for free, so do not waste your attempts if you do not have a budget to pay for it. We recommend creating your buyer persona (s) so you know who you are targeting your content to, as well as to know what kind of content this specific user needs and wants to consume.

2. A plan

Whatever your content is, you must plan it. It is important that you have a calendar to organise your content and your publications. In this calendar it is advisable to indicate who the content is aimed at, what the objective is and if you are looking for any action from the user. Otherwise, it will be difficult to know if you are doing it right or wrong and you will only be guided by your intuition. You need this plan to organise yourself and not work adrift.

3. A blog

While the content we create on a blog helps us to be more attractive to Google, we can also generate links, create relationships and reinforce your brand. If you generate content that is easy to share, users who visit your blog will share it and this will benefit the domain as a whole. If someone has written a post that complements your content, link it to your blog, this will help you generate relationships and help them mention you. Everything enters through the eyes, so reinforce your brand with a good branding, that quality is not only seen in the content, but also in the aesthetics.

4. Social Media

A good SEO positioning depends on the impact you have on the networks, as it allows you to establish relationships. You are not going to be known if you are not on the networks. Also, remember that there is TikTok or LinkedIn and not only Instagram or Facebook. Make the most of the networks. This way, you will achieve visibility in your target and they will become loyal followers.

5. Videos

Video is the king of the internet. There are many tools you can use such as Instagram TV or YouTube. Always try new formats to increase your visibility. Videos are good positioners by themselves, as they reinforce the information of the post with a video and generate much more authority and trust. You can make an institutional video or tutorials showing your product or telling how you perform your services. Do not hesitate to do it.

6. Balance between quality and quantity

If you still don't have followers, contacts or SEO traffic, it is important that you direct your efforts to create content that is quick and easy to create. You don't want to invest a lot of time in content that requires research if you still don't have the audience you need. We are not telling you not to create good content, we are telling you to focus on building relationships to get an audience and to have someone to target.

7. Keyword targeting

We recommend that you choose your keywords very well. These words should be related to your brand's sector and you should include them in the static and dynamic content of your website, blog and social networks.

As long as you have a good strategy and you offer unique and relevant content without neglecting relationships, you will get a good SEO positioning. Do not hesitate to apply the above steps to achieve it and do not think too much. Do it.

have you already taken action to achieve a good SEO ranking for your brand?

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