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how to distinguish between a blog and a vlog?

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Nowadays, having a website, a personal or professional blog is very common to develop your personal brand, but having a vlog is less common. Just as you can use social networks to make yourself known and show your professional side, these two tools can be of great help to increase your audience. And this question may raise several doubts: what is better to be a blogger or a vlogger? what are the differences between a blog and a vlog? read on and learn how to distinguish these two concepts.

what is a blog?

Blogs are creative spaces that, unlike vlogs, contain mainly written information, as well as in-depth information on a specific topic. Normally, behind a blog there is usually a creator of original content who is able to write and communicate their ideas and knowledge so that they can be available to everyone.

Blogs can be about an infinite number of subjects, so we should stick to the concept: Blog = Writing.

The role of a blog is to allow readers or users to participate actively with their comments and can serve to publish ideas, emotions and can be focused on the professional field.

As a result of these terms and technological advances, new professions are born, such as the concept of blogger or bloggers. We refer to a blogger to define those people who dedicate themselves in their work or free time to write on websites or blogs that are originally structured as articles, intertwined with each other and constantly updated. They are always written in an informal and subjective way.

what is a vlog?

Vlogs are pages that merge the text format with the video format. In the beginning, vlogs were those videos that were included within the texts published in blogs, but over time and with the rise of platforms such as YouTube, a vlog is no longer an extra for the written content, but it is the main piece.

A vlogger is dedicated to creating quality content with videos following a chronological sequence. Unlike bloggers, vloggers do not write long articles with links and catchy headlines, they only define in a video description box a short text and a title. Vloggers can be said to exchange paragraphs and words for a video in which they usually have a conversation with the camera talking about specific topics or telling how a special day or event has gone.

Differences between a blog and a vlog

The biggest difference between a blog and a vlog is that in one you write and in the other the content is created by videos, in a vlog all the content is 100% multimedia. However, the question may arise about the content. Can vlogs and blogs have the same content? Partly yes and partly no.

There are many written blogs that use YouTube to upload videos with the same content as the written blog but told in a more dynamic and different way. However, despite the definition, these videos are not considered vlogs per se, but videos with valuable content that provide knowledge.

Vlogs are videos that tell the daily life and routine of a normal person. All of us who are in the marketing world know that what is important nowadays is to make the people who read us, follow us, our potential clients, identify with our service/product.

We know that we must enter more through the heart than through the eyes, and this is the key to the success of vlogs on social networks, because they show everyday situations in which you can identify with.

Another obvious difference between a blog and a vlog is the type of channels used to distribute the content. To create a blog you use tools such as WordPress or Blogger, but to create a vlog you need other types of tools or platforms such as Vimeo, Floor or Youtube to create a much more visual and attractive content.

Vloggers are usually more exposed and better known, while the author of a blog can remain anonymous. However this does not always happen, more and more bloggers are becoming known through this tool to work on their personal brand and guarantee that behind their content there is a real person.

Now that you know how to distinguish the profile of a blogger from that of a vlogger, don't forget that both are content creators and that they stand out for showing quality and prepared content. Both formats allow you to tell the same things and deal with the same topics but from different points of view.

When considering whether a blog or a vlog is better, you should bear in mind that maintaining a blog is much easier than maintaining a vlog, which requires more resources and time, given that you have to invest more time in editing and producing the content. Either option can help you achieve very interesting things in your professional career and build your online reputation.

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