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how to connect with your contacts from Sales Hub?

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Get the most out of Sales Hub, to eliminate friction during the sales process. Sales teams are often frustrated by the amount of time they spend on manual or administrative tasks to complete their quota, rather than the time they spend selling.

what is Sales Hub?

With Sales Hub, you're finally able to centralise your sales process in one place. Friction is a sales team's worst enemy. You're faced with tedious and complex tasks that require combining separate functions. This creates delays and impedes your growth. Sales Hub eliminates friction by combining all the tools and data into one powerful, easy-to-use platform that your entire team will love. And so you have time to focus on what really matters: the customers.

Sales Hub has a wealth of tools available to help you, such as working with a contact list and streamlining the process of making contact with your customers. It gives you the ability to see who has interacted with you, passively, so you can keep track of how users react to all your actions, monitoring their response time and assessing whether they are potential customers. It also offers real-time notifications, which can be excellent indicators of who your most interested prospects are.

From the Sales Hub software, you can have personalised conversations with each of your contacts. Add contacts to the task queue to work with them, so that all your actions with contacts are recorded in the calendar. The calendar and planning during the operation can be modified as you go along.

Check your calendar and measure your performance. With the automation of an agenda, you can schedule appointments flexibly and quickly. It synchronises with your calendar and the manager chooses the date and time of the meeting himself. In short, it allows you to simplify the scheduling of meetings with prospects. Stop sending emails looking for the perfect time and let your prospects choose a slot in your calendar at a time that is convenient for them.

Another peculiar action that Sales Hub provides, is calls. You can access it from the Hubspot mobile app, or it also allows you to make calls directly from the browser with a headset. The mobile app offers multiple advantages and tools that you can complement in your sales strategy, read our blog article and continue to discover how to implement a frictionless sales model.

11 tools offered by Sales Hub:

  • Use email templates

Create the best sales email templates and share them with the whole team. Simply customise the templates with customer data from the CRM and send.

  • Track your email

You can monitor when a customer opens an email and track when it's most convenient to contact them to close the deal faster. You no longer have to make assumptions.

  • Document management and control

You can design a library of sales content for your entire sales team, share documents directly from your Outlook or Gmail inbox and see which types of content generate the most leads.

  • Perform dialogue analysis

Automatically collect information on every call and see what's behind the team's performance, then provide the team with the data collected by artificial intelligence.

  • Call tracking and recording

Prioritise sales calls throughout the day. Make calls, recorded directly from the browser and automatically log into Sales CRM to increase efficiency.

  • Get started with sales automation

Automate the sales process with personalisation. Set up a series of personalised emails and follow-up tasks to ensure you're always the first choice in the sales process.

  • Create workflows

To automate communications, generate leads and facilitate sales opportunities.

  • Create customised reports

From object and cross-object, custom channels, sales funnels, revenue attribution reports or custom contacts.

  • Determine the probability of closing a deal

Makes use of predicted customer ratings.

  • Generate custom events

To keep track, in real time (via JavaScript Event API or HTTP API).

  • Set up meeting tools

To take your meetings to the next level. Schedule all your customer appointments in the calendar and synchronise the data with your personal calendar, to track and control your tasks and actions.

Integra el software de Sales Hub a tu estrategia de ventas

Hubspot's software can be integrated with external tools you use in your marketing or sales strategy. Sales Hub was built from the ground up as part of the HubSpot platform with the goal of helping our customers grow better, unlike many systems that came together through acquisitions. It is easy to use and is able to optimise your strategy to take it to the next level. It offers maximum customisation of the platform, so it adapts your CRM data to meet your business needs.

For all these benefits and tools, Sales Hub has a host of applications that are familiar to you because it is so easy to use and makes your job easier. By automating operational and administrative tasks, it improves the productivity of your sales team to reduce friction. Sales reps will have more time to spend with customers, close sales and be able to accompany them through the buyer's journey. With these simple actions, customers will trust your company because they will notice the closeness of your sales team.

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