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how does the sales team close sales from HubSpot?

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Hubspot software not only makes it easy to create and maintain contacts, as we have seen in other articles about Hubspot software: How to connect with your contacts from Sales Hub; Hubspot contact software; and How to reduce friction with the HubSpot mobile app. The CRM offers us as many tools as we want to imagine, but it doesn't end there. A very useful tool for sales reps is that it allows us to keep track of how our prospects react to our campaigns, messages, emails, websites, content,...

Thanks to this, we find it easier to close sales with leads. Closing the sale is the action that marks the end of the sales process. When the potential customer understands the value proposition, the characteristics of the product or service and listens to the arguments in favour of the seller, it is time to become a customer, that is, to make a purchase.

Sales from the HubSpot CRM:

Hubspot CRM, allows you to automatically create a business for people who use the meeting link. Click on "Create" and you will see the screen of the business record you just created. When you save the call notes, they will be associated with this business and will be displayed in the business timeline and also in the contact's timeline. In this way, the advantages offered by the CRM for contact management are complemented by the ideal tools for closing sales.

Three situations can occur as a sales closure:

  • The salesperson produces the sale

If closed by the salesperson, it requires good situational management and a strong sense of when to offer a product, when to ask permission to buy and how to handle customers step by step. The salesperson defines the boundaries of the process and leads the sales effort to close the process.

  • Let the buyer produce it

The buyer's closing is characterised by the fact that the protagonist of the transaction is the prospect. With this type of sale, it is extremely important that the buyer buys the item on his or her own terms and enters into a service agreement. This type of negotiation often occurs in informal trade and the buyer must make a decision.

While the buyer ultimately accepts the terms that suit him, it is important that the seller strives to maximise the company's profits. To do this, he must entice potential customers, usually by starting with a high price or small offer and generating buyer interest through nudging.

  • To be produced on both sides

Closing a two-way sale is one that balances the interests of both buyer and seller. These closings often occur at the organisational level and can involve a lengthy negotiation process.

When the sale is two-way, it is not uncommon for there to be a contract that sets out the terms of the transaction, the obligations to be fulfilled and the benefits to be derived from the transaction. Here are some tried and tested tips that any buyer can use and why they work so well.

Everything a sales rep does should be geared towards increasing your company's revenue. In HubSpot CRM you can create and manage business records to monitor the progress of your potential sales. That's what the tool is for: business.

We find the different deals organised in columns, representing the sales journey your prospect is on. As a sales rep, you should be in charge of accompanying them through their journey. Provide them with a unique experience so that they finalise their sale and make it a winning transaction. The dashboard remains organised and free to any modifications you wish to make. At a glance, you can see how the deals you have open are organised and where they are in their sales journey.

Popular features offered by Hubspot software:

  • A practical guide to sales management:
    Provides the team with career information, call scripts, positioning guidelines and more. With better sales training and faster onboarding, you'll have more time to close deals.
  • Quotes:
    Generate professional, personalised quotes in seconds. Send quotes and close deals faster when a product is in front of potential customers.
  • Sales analysis report:
    Answer important questions about sales performance by bringing all the information together in one place. Get complete visibility into processes so you can make business predictions and deliver superior results.
  • CRM applications for mobile devices:
    Manage your contacts, companies and tasks from any device and location. Connect with prospects anytime, not just sitting at your desk.
  • Pipeline management:
    The sales pipeline is the process of actions and strategies a salesperson needs to accelerate the sales cycle, transforming leads into customers. Pipeline allows you to add deals, assign tasks and track progress on the dashboard with just one click.

  • Account-based marketing:
    Deepen business relationships and convert leads. ABM includes collaborative and intuitive tools to bring your sales and marketing teams together.

If you are using Sales Hub Pro or Enterprise, you can use some additional tools along with your business: Products, Quotes, Automation and Video. With the Products tool, we will be able to: organise the products and services the company sells; associate them with specific businesses; and create proposals.

With quotes, we can extract all the information linked to a business to generate professional quotes. Include contact and product data, and generate professional quotes in a few clicks. We can send the quote immediately, in case the contact asks for it at the end of the call.

We can also use your product library. If you use Sales Hub Starter, you have to enter the prices manually. If you offer any kind of discount, this is the place to do it. You can add a line to the document for a printed signature, we can use the electronic signature option. This way you can ask the customer for a legally binding electronic signature, directly when sending the quotation.

Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise also offer other tools that go hand in hand with quotes. With HubSpot's automation platform, for example, you can have quotes trigger automatic workflows.

Workflows allow you to: close deals when the associated quote is signed or paid; notify your team via email or text message; create tasks with next steps; and send a receipt to the customer in the mail.

Finally, to continue improving sales, we must analyse the sales reports and evaluate our performance. The sales performance report includes metrics that will show us the weak points in which to improve our strategy and the strong points, where we must continue in the same line.

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