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how can I improve my engagement on social media?

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Engagement is the ability of a brand to involve its audience and generate a long-term commitment that ends up turning them into customers and positively influencing the company's objectives. It is part of Inbound Marketing strategies and gaining followers on social networks, as it is the pillar that gives life to the main objective of Inbound Marketing: to attract potential customers and turn them into loyal buyers of your brand. Today we are going to tell you some of the best strategies to improve your engagement on social networks, so... pay attention!

The best strategies to know how to generate more engagement on your social networks

  1. encourage dialogue: Publish posts or stories that invite your community to participate. In the same way, you can ask questions, conduct polls or polls that will allow you to know the opinion that your community has about your products or services in addition to generating more engagement.

  2. Create a publication calendar. It is important that you have a content calendar where you indicate the frequency of your publications, the times or days you publish, the content, calls to action, etc. Thanks to this you will be able to achieve the objectives you are trying to achieve. However, don't forget to be flexible, as sometimes events occur that may interest your audience and you should not let them pass you by.

  3. use hashtags: Hashtags help you to have an organic reach on any social network where they can be used. Use hashtags related to your niche, to your publication and to your geographic location.

  4. do sweepstakes: If you want to generate more engagement, sweepstakes are an infallible strategy. In a sweepstakes the interaction of users with the publication is already implicit. We recommend you establish the requirements to participate in the sweepstakes with the aim of getting likes, comments or sharing your publication. You can also carry out sweepstakes in collaboration with other accounts.

  5. optimise your posting times: It is very important to identify which days and times work best for your publications. Thanks to the metrics offered, for example, by the Instagram social network, you will be able to know which are the best times or days to post. In this way, when you publish content it will have a greater reach because most of your community is connected.

  6. use videos. More and more information is being consumed in video format, as it is more understandable and entertaining. Also, show your face, put a face to your brand. This will bring your brand closer to people and make it more human.

  7. Create live videos. Live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live are a great way to build a lasting connection with your audience, so you should take advantage of their potential. In fact, it is one of the best techniques to increase engagement.

    ¿Cómo mejorar mi engagement en redes sociales?

  8. take an interest in your community: you have to show interest in them and make them feel that your content is created with them in mind. It is important that you ask what kind of content they are most interested in, ask for their opinion on the content you publish, what topics they would like you to help them with, etc.

  9. work on the copy: the descriptions of the photos or publications you publish must be well thought out. Look for originality, be fun and different. Maintain your own style when communicating with your community, as it will be your hallmark and they will recognise you for it.

  10. geolocate your publications: Accuracy is the key. People like to know what is happening in a certain area, so we recommend you to geolocate your publications, this way you will reach more users, you will have more visibility and more opportunities for your community to grow.

  11. include CTAs (call to action) so that your community interacts with your publications, photos, videos, stories, etc. This way you can not only increase your engagement, but also the volume of traffic to your website.

  12. be consistent in your publications: Nowadays, with the great competition that exists on social networks, it is very important to be consistent and to have a sequence of publications.

  13. segment your audience: It is highly recommended to segment your audience through your circles and according to their interests.

  14. Follow influencers. Did you know that following prominent people in your industry and even your own followers can also help you connect better with your audience? There are many tools, both free and paid, such as Social Rank or Sprout Social that can help you research which are your most valuable followers, the best or the most engaged with your brand. They can even help you track comments about your brand, detect the hashtags with the highest engagement or monitor Instagram locations to find and link you with customers who post from the locations where your company is located.

¿Cómo mejorar mi engagement en redes sociales?

Following these 14 tips and taking into account that engagement is the number of interactions that have occurred between the total number of fans or impressions and multiplying it by 100, you just have to get down to work.

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