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6 tips to improve my personal brand

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what is this term?

This concept comes to us from the United States, coined in the latest business trends linked to digitalisation. Following the impact of social networks, in addition to the insertion of new technologies in the world of work, we constantly leave our trace on the Internet. It is perceived as our own digital identity, also known as "personal branding". The term encompasses all kinds of information that identifies us, from everything we are, do, say and share, as well as the value we generate for others. Our personal brand is the impact and imprint we exert on others.

In Inbound Marketing, great importance is given to human bonds, as this provides value and trust. That is why it is so important to take care of the personal brand, which appeals to the emotions and values that others perceive about our person. To establish better relationships with customers, it is crucial to enhance the personal image, because it gives information about ourselves that can be very interesting in business relationships.

why should you be particularly interested in enhancing your personal brand?

Nowadays, everyone has a personal brand, so it is up to you to create a space for yourself to be recognisable. This idea is not exclusive to renowned people, celebrities or famous people. Any professional, regardless of the field - with each of their actions - is outlining their digital identity. Companies are part of the personal brand, it is the seal that distinguishes them from each other. The values and competencies that guide customers to trust one or the other.

Within companies, it is essential that their team of professionals is personally identified. This distinctive concept drives to know a company deeply, which leads to greater confidence. If you get your customers to trust your company, you are becoming a reference for them, which will get them to promote your personal brand. Your customers will be exhibitors of the memory they have about your company. The personality of the individual becomes the engine of the brand. Familiarising your employees with your customers puts in value one of the most important practices of Inbound Marketing, people.

In addition, taking care of your personal vestige can be a determining factor in the future working relationships that you have as a professional. Another of the reasons that encourage you to worry about improving your personal brand. If there is something in common that the different experts share, it is the essential characteristics that you must display on networks: solidity, humanity, credibility and authenticity. Now, knowing what personal branding consists of, we present six tips on how to raise our digital stamp on the Internet.


Before wanting to improve our personal brand, you must know yourself. Understand what your skills are, what others value about you. To do this, you can start by asking around you, why do they approach you, what image do they have of you, what do you contribute as a person? The practice of introspection is not an invention of Inbound Marketing, it was already in the thinking of the Greek philosopher Socrates.

Starting an introspection is not an easy task, so you can start by questioning the people close to you. As you get an answer, you will find it easier to identify who you are in yourself. This leads you to the next step.


It is impossible to start a journey without setting short and long term goals. If you are starting to raise your personal brand, it makes sense to set your goals. For Inbound Marketing to work, it is essential to select goals, preferably SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Goals allow you to optimise time management and prioritise your priorities. With a concise goal, you can avoid dispersion and waste of resources.

Having goals is not synonymous with automatically achieving them. Effort must accompany your task. But, motivation can stimulate your company, sharing your goals boosts the creation of expectations on the part of others, thus improving your impact on them.


In many cases, the reason why we make a decision between two or more choices is because there is a distinctive element. The differences you project will become one of the most important faces to show to your clients. It is not about devaluing the competition - nobody likes aggressive or combative advertising - but about highlighting your skills.

The information on your CV is your assets; education is very relevant, but it is not substantial. By developing your personal brand, you open up your range of possibilities to become a reference in your industry. One way to enter this new bank of possibilities is to create content to revalue your brand, to make you relatable.


Nowadays, we have the tool of social networks to relaunch our image. Never before has it been so easy and accessible to all parts of the world. The Internet is a balcony to visibility and absolute topicality, get on it. To open up a niche, you must make yourself known. Designing a position in social networks is essential for your assets to be recognised.

Get to know in depth the functioning of all the channels available to you. Analyse the type of buyer persona you want to reach and find out which media they use. It is not enough to have a profile on social media alone, you must show consistency and relevance. You evolve with the times and adjust to create the right content and publish it on the right channel.

Everything counts, the way you represent yourself online is part of what you represent, from the colour palette, typography, discipline and frequency...


In the first step, we suggest that you instigate the reasons why people come to you. Why do they choose your company, as opposed to another? For your customers, it is encouraging to have a reference, a consultant they can turn to for help with their queries. So, you should put on record your opinions and assessments regarding your customers' problems and needs.

It is your job to provide them with a bank of information to help them in the face of adversities that may befall them. Preceding your actions says a lot about your personality. Empathising with them is key for them to remain familiar with you. Likewise, revealing your sources of information, your own references and external agents, transmits confidence and demonstrates humanity.


Collecting all opinions, reviews and information on a single website or blog reflects order in you. The Internet has a memory, but it never hurts to organise and structure it. Developing a blog where your levels of expertise are evident simulates inviting your customers home for dinner on a great evening. Optimising the time your customers spend browsing your website is a way to enhance their experience with you - or in other words, create a satisfying memory.

Therefore, the personal brand is the differentiating element that transcends. It is the set of assets that define you and the impact that you project on people. To groom your digital footprint should be one of the first objectives you should set if you want to start your business on the Internet. This seal will confer the reasons for your customer community to stay with your company. It encompasses everything that represents you and provides content of value to others. Keep reading in our Inbound marketing blog for more tips on how to enhance your personal brand.

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