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how can hubspot cms help to improve the conversion of my website?

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The traffic on the internet has already passed into the background, what is really important within that traffic is to convert the largest number of users to leads, and this is achieved every day with new tools that are being created to achieve results.

what is the conversion rate?

Within any marketing strategy you have to be very creative and reinvent yourself day after day, because in all sectors, and especially on the Internet, competition is increasing every day, so the conversion rate is a very important metric within this strategy.

This conversion rate is the most used indicator in marketing strategies, as it measures the impact that your campaigns have had on users and with it what you are measuring is the effort invested by the company itself in getting a user to perform the necessary action.

In a strategy, measuring the results once it has finished is essential, not only to know if your investment and effort have paid off, but also to be able to use or not the same strategies for future campaigns. If your strategy has paid off, it would be absurd not to use some of those strategies again in a future campaign.

how to measure actions?

The best conversion in digital marketing is the sales made, we have a clear success data, we have achieved the sale, which is the ultimate goal. The conversion from user to lead is important, but it is not the most important, because of the leads that we manage to convert, it is possible that none of them make a purchase. Here are some ways in which you can measure your actions:

  1. Clicks on links: When the user clicks on a link it means that they are predisposed to perform an action, so a good way to measure conversion is to know how many times users have clicked on links such as the one on the landing page or any other call to action.
  2. Filled forms: This is about obtaining leads, not only are you one step away from getting a sale, but you are increasing your database and the information you have that different visitors to your page, which is a great help for lead nurturing.
  3. Read post on your blog: Knowing whether or not users are reading the posts you post on your blog, will give you a very valuable data, and is to know if the content you create is attractive to users, if you generate a lot of public within your blog, you're doing well, if instead you do not generate users who read your blog, it means that your content is not attractive to them.
  4. Page retention: Going back to the previous point, if the content you generate is attractive, it is one of the best metrics when it comes to converting users. If your audience stays on your page for a long time, it means that they are interested in your content, but if they leave almost as soon as they enter, the bounce rate will increase before the conversion rate.

what is Hubspot CMS?

This is one of the many tools that hubspot has to optimise your marketing strategy. This tool specifically allows you to create web pages, landing pages, blogs and mails generating templates with all kinds of functionalities. All this under its own development code that brings multiple advantages.

Advantages of CMS:

  1. It is very easy to use, in a short time you will know how to use it perfectly.
  2. It is a very flexible tool, so it can be used by all types of profiles, whether they have knowledge or not and whether they are technical or not.
  3. This tool is fully integrated within hubspot.
  4. Hubspot by default optimises all templates so that they can be viewed on all devices and load fast.
  5. This tool is constantly evolving, i.e. improvements and new features are added from time to time.

how does it improve my conversion rate?

The hubspot CMS helps us to create content through its smart templates, but does it also help us to improve the conversion rate? Read on!

  1. Easy to use
    If a platform is complex, we will not be encouraged to be consistent with the content, if on the other hand, publishing posts is simple, we will create content on a much more regular basis. The more content we generate, the more traffic we attract and thus, more leads.

  2. Personalisation
    Another great advantage of hubspot that will help you convert your users is personalisation, hubspot cms enables intelligent content that allows you to personalise content depending on the segment you want to target. This allows you to create a unique experience for each user, they will see the dedication and effort it takes and will trust the brand, converting them into leads more easily than if the content was generic in nature.

  3. Security
    This content management system makes your website secure, attack-proof and guarantees that your pages are protected. A site that is vulnerable or has problems generates mistrust among your followers, which is why hubspot cms helps you convert your customers, as being a secure website, they have enough confidence in your business to leave their details on your landing page.

  4. Templates
    In hubspot cms you have a multitude of templates in which you can display your content, they are fully customizable and have infinite combinations to make your blog as corporate as possible and have the essence of your website, a good design attracts users, you can have a good content but if you do not expose it with a good design, the user will not waste time reading it. However, if your design is good, you will attract the user regardless of the content, if the content is good, you will convert them into leads.

  5. Responsive design
    Another of the advantages that hubspot brings us when it comes to converting our users is that it optimises all the templates automatically so that they can be viewed on all devices, so that users can consume the content on both mobile and tablets or computers, they can access our landing page from any device and provide us with their data without the need for a computer.

In short, hubspot cms is a very good tool if you want to convert your users into leads and continue with them all the way to the sale, so do not wait any longer and enjoy the advantages that the tool gives you.

convert your users!

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