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Differences between marketing and advertising

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Although in many cases marketing and advertising go hand in hand, it is important to be clear about each of the terms and to know their main differences. Today we will tell you all about them.

what is marketing?

Marketing is the discipline that studies the behaviour of markets and consumers and its main purpose is to attract, attract, retain and retain new customers.

Digital marketing, which is the most used and developed marketing today, is the one that encompasses all those actions and advertising strategies that are executed in the media and internet channels. This phenomenon has been applied since the 90's as a way of transferring offline marketing techniques to the digital universe.

Types of marketing

Direct Marketing: Direct marketing is a type of campaign that seeks to trigger a result to a specific audience, based on direct and bidirectional communication.

Email Marketing: Bet on one of the most profitable and effective marketing techniques in terms of return. Send emails to your audience and define your segmentation very well.

Viral Marketing: That a content becomes viral is the dream of any brand. Viral marketing is like a virus that replicates from one human to another, without control and with an amazing capacity for expansion.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is a broad concept that brings together all those actions and marketing campaigns focused exclusively on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

Performance Marketing: Performance Marketing or Marketing ofRe

Diferencias entre marketing y publicidad

what is advertising?

Advertising is a form of communication aimed at consumers with the objective of increasing the consumption of a product or service, improving the image of a brand or positioning it in the minds of consumers. In the same way, digital advertising is defined as a type of advertising where all forms of publicising a brand and its products or services are carried out through digital devices or channels.

In recent years, digital advertising has become increasingly complex and powerful, and the diversification of formats, charging methods and audience targeting options has made the platforms more robust and full of possibilities for companies.

Diferencias entre marketing y publicidad

what are the main differences between marketing and advertising?

Here we finally get to the important part, so stay tuned for the differences between marketing and advertising:

  1. Marketing deals with the 4 P's: Price, Product, Distribution (Place) and Promotion. The product refers to physical items and services; the price, as its name suggests, is responsible for determining the price of products and services and is fundamental; the distribution or "place", is the variable that analyses how and where your product will reach your customers; and finally, promotion, this point is responsible for choosing the communication of the product, i.e. how we want the customer to receive it and through what channels. On the other hand, advertising is defined as a set of strategies aimed at making products and services known to society, that is, it is a tool that we can locate within the promotion, the last of the 4P's.

  2. Marketing focuses on creating a concrete image of the company in order to make itself known in the market and to potential customers, while both digital and traditional advertising are based on capturing the attention of consumers, as well as orienting customers towards the sale of the product.

  3. Marketing focuses on long-term goals, while advertising aims for immediacy and a direct response from consumers.

  4. Advertising is always marketing, but marketing is not always advertising.

  5. Advertising is oriented towards the promotion of a product or brand, marketing takes into account the product, the consumers, the price, the place, the process and the promotion.

  6. Marketing aims to increase the company's sales volume by means of different strategies. Advertising aims to attract customers to the brand so that they buy the promoted products.

  7. Marketing studies and plans and advertising acts accordingly.

  8. The marketing plan of a company takes into account public relations, distribution strategies, purchasing and sales processes, etc. Within this general plan for the promotion of a product or service, the particular advertising plan to be carried out is established: advertisements on television, radio, Facebook, Instagram, flyers, etc.

We hope that now you are clear about the differences between marketing and advertising and that you can make the most of both terms in your company.

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