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How apps have changed people's lives

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Since July 2008, countless applications have been created that have opened the door to the new world. Our mobile devices are the key to unlock it in the midst of a reality that has been creating awareness as it has passed through society. We need only look at the number of applications that the App Store had in 2008 and those that it hosts today, 11 years later.

At that time it only had around 500, while today that number has risen to more than 2 million.

what has happened?

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The power we give to Apps

Realistically, we have all placed a great deal of power on mobile applications. It is enough to leave our phone in the drawer for a day and not use WhatsApp or any other application, don't you notice their absence?no wonder, people have made these tools part of our daily tasks.

They have had an impact on our lives and have left a big mark. Think of Netflix, Airbnb, Cabify or any other app that has made an impression on you. A couple of years ago you could not imagine your life without these apps, but today it is unthinkable not to have them. Some studies even show that "a user in the United States has an average of 18 apps on their smartphone", as indicated byMarketingDirecto.

how many do you have on yours?

How Apps have changed our lives

Everything is just a click away: on the street, at work, at home, in the cafeteria... It doesn't matter where you are, because the most important thing is that we can access any place whenever we want, and all thanks to Apps. They have changed our lives, something that has happened thanks to the evolution of technology.

Below, we are going to mention some of the most revolutionary ones, so we invite you to take a look at them and think about how many of them you use every day: Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Shazam, Netflix, Spotify, Duolingo, Skype ..

Our way of communicating has changed thanks to WhatsApp or Gmail, among others. But it has not been the only transformation, as the way we make our bank transfers or check the movements in our account is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. We have said goodbye to passbooks to download our bank's App. In the same way, it is becoming less common to phone to make an appointment with our doctor, as apps can now do it for us.

So much has changed, hasn't it?

Reflection on Apps and human behaviour

Apps are part of our immediate future, and this has influenced our behaviour. And we don't need to go too deeply into this, as many of you have probably replaced the clocks on your bedside table with the alarm on your mobile device. In reality, there have been too many changes in too short a time, something that leads us to reflect and meditate.

where are we heading and how have Apps influenced business behaviour?

We told you above that mobile applications are changing our lives. Yours, mine and everyone else's are adding up to millions of them that reach the whole world. This is how the universe of applications has created a revolutionary paradigm that scales at great speed.

Accept it, you too have fallen into the hands of the Apps and we can only walk alongside them. All of them have made an effort to satisfy and adapt to the reality of each moment.

if you feel identified with this post and want to tell us about your own experience, don't hesitate to write to us.

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