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Create an application for your company

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are you thinking about a corporate app, that's what we mean, don't you have one yet?

Applications and mobile devices are nowadays a necessity that walks in our pocket. Companies have seen in these systems a golden opportunity to get into action with their customers. They are not only a showcase of their offer, but a way of communication with their customers. That is why, from Occam, we believe that this post today deserves to put all its attention on corporate applications.

Let's see what they are all about..

what is a business application for you?

For us, it means a part of computing that is capable of being designed to run on phones and other mobile devices. They allow users to perform a number of tasks quickly and easily. Although most of you are probably thinking of mobile apps, the truth is that there are also web apps. In this case, the line is directed towards users' access to the internet via the browser.

That said, the time has come to delve into corporate applications. Companies have seen a perfect opportunity in these systems to publicise their products and services, make purchases, communicate with their customers, present their offer, educate about the sector, etc. But not just any application will do, it has to be one that is really worthwhile, and that can't be achieved by just anyone.

Companies use them to solve their internal needs, but also external ones. Depending on their functions and business logic, the applications will be one way or another. They must be in tune with the rules of the company itself, its data, its values..

Enterprise applications to improve the organisation

Many companies, generally medium and large, have a large number of different departments and areas (Communication, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Operations, etc.). They find it difficult to organise the information of all of them and to access certain data at any time. The chaos of disorganisation affects the functioning of these companies, so they look for solutions.

Applications have been able to solve these business handicaps by creating platforms that solve their needs in all areas. Whether it is one application, two or all of them, they must all work together to form a true organisational ecosystem.

Applications have been able to achieve this.

what is the main objective of these applications?

It is clear that when a company decides to bet on the creation of applications it is because it has found in them a solution to its problems or needs. However, the business software ecosystem goes beyond the needs that we can see at first glance, such as increasing the visibility of a brand.

The objective is focused beyond that. That is, it extends towards the goal of making their activities more effective. Although it sounds like a very general objective, behind it are other secondary objectives that allow them to take steps towards it. For example:

  • Attract more customers.
  • Increase trust in the brand.
  • To raise awareness of their products and services.
  • To maintain a fast communication channel with their customers.
  • To be more competitive with large companies.
  • To position their brands and create a new form of business.
  • To expand their services.

And you, why are you thinking about creating an app? Do you have other objectives than these? Whatever your answer is, we surely agree that the app economy is becoming fundamental for brands.

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