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how to create a thank you email for your TOP customers?

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87% of companies use email to send information to their customers, be it information about their products or services, order confirmations, birthday greetings or welcome emails.

In this post we are going to focus on a specific strategy, which are the welcome emails. Email marketing is not only an effective channel to provide information. The intention of companies with email marketing is to attract potential customers or leads, as well as retain existing customers. It is a very powerful tool to promote customer loyalty.

For all the benefits that this technique can bring, it is vital to write thank you emails that directly influence the image that the user or customer has of our brand. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the content of these emails, because many times they can mean that a customer returns to buy our products or consume our services.

what is a thank you email?

First of all, it is important to be clear about what a thank you email is. It is the response that a company has towards a customer after they have performed a specific action. This response is sent in the form of an email thanking the customer for the action they have performed.

Usually, the email is sent immediately after the customer has completed the action. These thank you emails drastically influence the consumer's perception of the brand.

It is important to make the customer feel special and valued, and through the use of these emails, we can achieve this.

We can also mention some of the benefits of thank you emails:

  • You maintain two-way communication with your customers, which is what distinguishes digital marketing from traditional marketing. It is important that there is that feedback between brand / customer, and thanks to these emails you can get it.
  • You improve the digital reputation of your brand. Not all brands include this functionality in their marketing strategies, so you can distinguish yourself from your competitors with this feature. In this way, you improve the image and reputation of your brand.
  • You win back inactive customers: If your customer hasn't bought from you for a long time, it's a good way to reappear on their list of brands, as a reminder that you are still there, and that the user can come back to your products and services.

The best way to send a thank you email

Not all thank you emails are the same, because depending on the action taken by the consumer, they will appear in one way or another. However, all should have certain common elements for the thank you email to be the most TOP.

  1. Include a greeting

This is the first thing the user will see when they open the email. You should include a cordial greeting, and make it as personalised as possible by including the name of the customer to whom you are sending the message. Think of it as a letter you send to a friend or relative, and what they will read first is who it is addressed to and how it is addressed. It is a gesture that demonstrates the good manners and cordiality of the brand.

  1. Personalised message

When we talk about personalising an email, it is not just about including the name of the person you are sending it to. The whole body of the message must make it clear who you are sending the email to. You must do everything in your power to show the recipient that you know their tastes and interests, so that they feel valued and special.

  1. Use colloquial language

You should not use a very technical language when you send a thank you email. It is not about writing an email as if you were sending it to a friend, but it has to be close. Using a colloquial and close language humanizes the message you are sending to the consumer. In this way you influence directly on the emotional part of that consumer.

  1. Expressive design

With the design you use in your email you show the receiver the intention you have when you send that message. What you want to express with that message. The content is important, but the way it is shown is also important. You must use an attractive design to attract the consumer's attention. The way you show your content is, in a way, the showcase of your brand.

  1. Include graphics and images

Visual elements give life to the messages you transmit to the consumer. An email that only includes text is boring and does not attract the customer's attention. That is why it is important to include animated graphics and images accompanied by the text. These tools add value to the email, and also reinforce the message. You can include gifts, images or infographics of your own creation. A good tool to create graphics and infographics for free is Canvas.

  1. Relevant information

We must not forget one thing, and that is that, above all, we are sending a message that includes information. One of the main objectives of these thank you emails is to inform the consumer. In addition, these emails are a tool that we can take advantage of to offer relevant information about our products and services to the user. New offers, products, promotions, ..

  1. Cordial farewell

As you did at the beginning with the greeting, you should say goodbye to the consumer in the same way. In addition to including a cordial farewell, you can use this moment to make it clear to the customer that the brand is at their service for whatever they need, and offer them other products that they might also like.

The way you say goodbye has to make it clear that it is not a goodbye forever, but a "see you soon".

Once you have included all these elements in your thank you email, it is the perfect time to click and send it to your customers. A well-crafted thank you email can bring many benefits to your brand, so it is essential to pay attention to every detail. Take advantage and put into action each of the tips we have included in this post.

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