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What is email marketing for an online shop?

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have you ever wondered how you can connect by email from the very first moment? In fact, have you ever considered the importance of email for your business?

Perhaps, this is the moment when desire and fear come into play, two poles as opposite as they are different. The fear of taking a risk, the fear of trying and not succeeding. Companies, regardless of their size, desire and fear at the same time. They want to attract and retain new customers, but they are afraid of undertaking a strategy and not succeeding.

When we talk about email marketing, we refer to one of those actions that, at first glance, may seem scary, because just take a look at the number of benefits it can bring. We even wonder if it is really possible to achieve all that just by performing such an action. Perhaps we are used to that good results are only achieved with perseverance and effort, but why an email marketing strategy would be less?

Online shops have invaded a large part of the Internet spectrum. Those who have started them have also had a complex and important decision in front of them, but, finally, something made them take the step. They are virtual places that allow commerce, buying or selling between one or several users through the Internet. However, many of them do not know how to sell more, how to generate new sales opportunities and how to attract potential customers. Moreover, some of them do not even know how to communicate with users through email.

You may be missing an important opportunity, but we don't want this to happen.

The keys to email marketing

Of all the tools available for engaging with our users, email is probably one of the most traditional. However, many companies still don't know how to get the most out of it. In reality, email is one of the most powerful tools for getting positive results. It may be more alive than ever, but the key to a good email marketing strategy is to think of the user first.

This channel is direct to the user, so it is a perfect opportunity to create and tailor content to each consumer. What does this mean? Nothing more and nothing less than segmentation plays a crucial role in the strategy. Stop for a moment and think about the following question: what is the point of sending mass information to a user who is not interested in your content? Here are a few key points:

  • The most important thing in email marketing is always to know who you are targeting.
  • The content must be spectacular, personalised, provide value and always send it from the name of a person, not a company.
  • You must be direct or, in other words, get to the point.
  • Using call to actions is essential to follow the flow with the user.
  • You should know that email has a much longer life cycle than social networks.

have you ever stopped to think about the number of users with whom you have had no contact in the last year?

Within Inbound Marketing

Yes, email works within the Inbound methodology and content marketing, regardless of the phase in which the user is. If you think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense:

  • Attraction: Email can be a good place to share content that they like or are attracted to. In this phase, Inbound Marketing works with content generation, SEO and social media.
  • Conversion: Email is a key tool for building trust, and the process of converting into a sales opportunity relies on the creation of landing pages and CTAs.
  • Closing: The segmentation and personalisation of emails allows us to better connect with users.
  • Loyalty: The process does not end when the customer is won, but this is the perfect moment to continue paying attention.
  • The results are immediate, in addition to being an economic investment cost that has a greater impact and reach.

In short, email marketing is the perfect outreach medium for your online shop. You can make your users loyal to your brand, but it's all up to you.

So you won't be left with any doubts

Email marketing is a key strategy for your business. Online shops generate countless accumulated contacts in their databases that are not followed up and treated correctly. To transform this process it is important to implement good email marketing practices, know how it should be carried out and where its importance lies.

It is possible to create emails that attract, sell and retain potential customers. What is the ultimate goal of your online shop? To sell, right? Surely you are already an expert in the use of email, but you probably did not know its true usefulness in terms of your goals. Its proper use will make your customers and users interested in products or services are updated on developments.

You can be the driver of sales, as email is more alive than ever.

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