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Benefits of endomarketing

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Endomarketing, in a nutshell, is an institutional marketing strategy aimed at internal actions. What it does is to try to improve the company's image, which is why some people call this strategy "Internal Marketing", because it also works on the perception of the company's members, considering their demands and presenting new ways of transformation. Now we will tell you much more about it.

what are the benefits of endomarketing?

  1. more motivated employees: Endomarketing promotes employee motivation because the company is more open to the ideas and improvements offered by employees .
  2. optimisation ofproductivity. As well as motivation, productivity also becomes a reality with good endomarketing strategies. When employees feel more motivated and satisfied with their work, they execute it better, with a more proactive attitude and guaranteeing better results.
  3. lower staff turnover. When we think of more motivated and satisfied workers, we notice that staff turnover decreases, few are willing to leave the company, not only thinking about the salary, but also about the importance that the company gives them.
  4. healthier and more pleasant organisational climate. When the company is concerned about the quality of work and the well-being of its members, the flow of activities improves and the processes are followed more precisely. This influences the performance of the team and increases the positive results.

¿Qué es el endomarketing?

The best endomarketing strategies to implement in your company

  • Improve internal communication processes. Internal communication is the key to the implementation of actions that improve the work environment. It is essential that your company works on improving communication processes with employees.
  • Motivational talks and events. Thinking about increasing motivation and collaborating with the personal growth of employees, motivational talks and events are essential for each employee to be able to structure their professional path, outlining personal growth objectives and listing goals that can be achieved with the help of the company.
  • Integration initiatives: For example, if there is a common interest among team members in specific activities, it is interesting to form groups to carry them out, making integration go beyond the work environment.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys: Just as you should do with customers, employees also need satisfaction surveys. This way, by knowing their opinion, it will be possible to implement activities that improve the work environment and positively transform the lives of these people.
  • Benefits for team members: Inaddition to basic benefits such as transport, food or medical care, there are other possibilities that can and should be exploited.
  • Ask for references from the team. Hiring a competent, reliable and committed professional takes time and effort, so whenever there is a vacancy in your company, start by asking your staff for references. Often they know someone who is well qualified for the position and will feel the trust placed in them.
    ¿Qué es el endomarketing?
  • Praise and thank your employees. Motivation is not only related to financial incentives, they also want recognition, so start instituting a habit of praising and thanking them for their services and results .
  • Train and coach your employees. People appreciate it when the company where they work promotes training in order to increase their qualification .
  • Disseminate good examples. To improve the work environment, you can show the results achieved by employees who have made the greatest efforts and overcome their limitations. Superior results, innovative practices, own initiatives, creative solutions and other good examples should be disseminated. This will increase employee satisfaction and stimulate healthy competition .
  • Promote public relations: One of the most powerful marketing weapons is to practice public relations. Have direct contact with local people, the press, the government, suppliers, customers, partners and shareholders whenever you can, to hear complaints and suggestions on how to contribute to the development of the local economy.
  • Participate in workshops. Companies that are building value through a strong image in the market should participate in the most important workshops in the sector. Set up your stand to demonstrate products and services, the results you promote, how you act in society and take the opportunity to educate professionals. Appoint a specialist from your company to give a talk and you will achieve a high level of respect.
  • Organise business events. Annually, your business can organise an event to bring together the best customers and put them in contact with the company's professionals. In addition to promoting the approach of customers, the company will have the opportunity to demonstrate values and pass on the image of a responsible and professional company.

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