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Advantages of custom software development

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Every business is different, with specific characteristics and unique needs. Getting a customised system that fits the specific considerations of our business means efficiency.

This means that our company can get the maximum benefit from its investment in technology, as it does not have to spend time or money on acquiring and configuring applications that do not fit its unique processes - those of the company, not those of the industry in general, because every business is different.

But how do you know if you need custom software development? How do you make the idea you have in your head a reality? You'll find out in this post.

Refreshing what is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of creating a customised computer programme to meet the specific needs of a client. It can be a mobile application, a web application, an operating system, etc. In any case, custom software development will result in a system that adapts to you and not the other way around. In this process, a team of programming engineers is in charge of gathering all the details that your company demands in order to provide the best solution.

In some cases, custom software development may involve creating an entirely new program from scratch, but more likely, development will focus on adapting or modifying an existing program to fit the client's specifications.

Ventajas de contar con un desarrollo de software a medida

Distinctive characteristics of custom software development

bespoke' because it adapts to your business processes, but there are other features beyond adaptability:

  • Automation of manual tasks- let your employees spend their time on the most profitable activities.
  • Adaptability: You have specific functionalities adjusted to your production and management processes, among others.
  • Process control: There is greater control over the development process and changes can be made to the software depending on the customer's needs.
  • Flexibility: The software can be easily modified to adapt more easily to the business environment.
  • Quality: The software is developed following a structured process and is thoroughly tested to ensure its quality.

Thanks to these features, we can obtain applications adapted to the specific needs, processes and circumstances of our business and a long list of benefits.

The 5 advantages of developing software tailored to your needs

Behind the growing demand for custom software solutions, there is a dose of simplification, automation, efficiency, agility and operability. Without a doubt, this technological solution offers a long list of advantages to companies:

  • Fits your specific needs from the start: A customised software development will adapt perfectly to your needs. You will not have to settle for a solution that does not fit 100%, unlike what happens with prefabricated software.
  • More control over the project: By being involved in the development process, you can have more control over the project and make sure that it is being carried out the way you want it to be. You can make changes to the software if you consider it necessary.
  • Greater flexibility: A customised software development offers you great flexibility: You can change it according to your needs and expand or modify it according to new needs as they arise.
  • Personalised technical support: By contracting a customised software development, you will be able to count on personalised technical support, which means that if any problem arises, you will be able to contact the developer directly to help you solve it.
  • Easy integration: Because the software is designed specifically for the business, it integrates easily into the existing IT infrastructure, meaning there is no need to change the way the business operates to accommodate the software.

If you ask us, custom software development is not a fad - it's here to stay.

Ventajas de contar con un desarrollo de software a medida

Everything you need to know to find out if you need custom development

Many businesses face the question of whether or not they need custom software development. While there are many commercial solutions available, sometimes they don't fit a company's specific needs. In these cases, custom software development may be the best option. Here are some tips to help you determine if your business needs it too:

  1. are there commercial software solutions that fit your needs? Before investing in custom software development, make sure there is no existing solution that fits your needs before making a decision.
  2. doesthe software require a large amount of customisation? If the software requires a large amount of customisation to suit your business needs, custom software development may be the best option.
  3. will the system require custom integration with other software? If yes, be aware that off-the-shelf solutions often cannot be easily integrated with another system.
  4. doesthe software require customised support? Custom development can be a great option. Commercial software solutions often do not offer the same level of support as software developed specifically for a business.

These other questions will help you determine the type of software you need:

  • do you have difficulty keeping track of your customers? Does your sales team spend more time filling out Excel sheets with customer data than selling? You probably need CRM software.
  • do youstruggle to keep track of your business and its expenses? Perhaps you should consider an ERP.

While ERP and CRM are some of the most popular software in the business world, there are other applications for specific tasks, such as a mobile application to control access to the office, an administration panel to manage different websites, or a programme to manage staff on the road.

Think about it.

Final details of custom software development

It doesn't matter what your industry is, because even within the same niche, every business is different, so it's often better to dispense with standard software systems. If you've come this far, it's probably because those programmes don't quite fit your business.

Request a consultancy with Occam, let yourself go and get the customised software that adapts to the needs of the moment to allow you to scale.

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